Vintage guitar shop launched in Lahore

A large number of youth, music lovers and singers participating in the opening ceremony of a vintage guitar shop in Gulberg. Famous singers, like Ali Noor, Shahzad Hameed, Jal Band and the Poor and Rich Boys, appreciated the collection of vintage guitars and pianos.

At the opening ceremony of ‘Vintage 72’ on Sunday, the visitors admired the collection that had been put on display by the owner, Sajjad Maqbool. Talking to media, Maqbool said that the vintage guitars were more than 35 years old, having excellent quality and features.

He said that his main objective was to retain the quality of the guitar collection as he had placed some of the world’s best brands on display. He further said that Ibanez, Jackson, Fernandes-Telecaster-Electric, Fender Stratocaster design and the Gibson design were available at the shop. Brands like Martin, Yamaha and Kein were also available, he added. Talking about the prices of the guitars, he said that the price ranged from Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000. Volin, Korg, Yamaha Casio pianos were also available at the shop.

Ali Noor, a famous singer, admired the collection and said that the shop had the best vintage guitars and pianos. Shahzad Hameed and Gohar Mumtaz of Jal band also admired the collection, labelling it as ‘rare’. A visitor, Murtaza, said that the guitars on display were of excellent quality and their prices were nominal as well. He said that the shop had an amazing piano and instrument collection. – Dailytimes