How Ali, Veena got trapped in BB4 conspiracy?

Though seeing is believing and thus our side of the viewers are fogged with all that’s shown and told about Veena Malik on press and Indian reality show Big Boss 4, the reality of her being part of the show is quite the opposite. Ever wondered why Veena and Ali Saleem out of so many others, were chosen for Big Boss 4. Of course it was nothing else but a huge conspiracy to take up our talented stars, take them to India and defame them amongst their own people along embarrassing them on national TV and who would plot up this all but the Indian intelligence Agency RAW; Research and Analysis Wing.

Well, to begin with, Ali Saleem was invited for the show and just as he was leaving for India, he was told that he had to enter and stay at the Big Boss’ House not as Ali Saleem but as Begum Nawazish Ali which itself remained a very high-profile job and required a make-up artist all the time. He kept saying that Begum Nawazish Ali was simply a character and a part of him but not the complete person he was. However, it was too late and he could not go on the back foot and thus, the show began. He was later, thrown out of the show also because he couldn’t keep the Begum Nawazish Ali getup on. And when out, he was gifted a make-up kit by Salman Khan that had a shaving kit at one end and make-up stuff at the other, which was, of course, done by none other attention but to embarrass Ali Saleem.

But for the most part, Ali Saleem departed rather gracefully, not getting offended by anything, keeping a straight face against the entire conspiracy, not fulfilling the agenda that the RAW had planned, leaving Veena still entrapped in the net of conspiracy weaved by the RAW, oblivious to it all! And thus, wherever she went, the camera followed, let that be sleeping with Ashmit Patel, fully clothed and hugging him, or dancing in the toilet and that too, with full clothes on.

In fact, her talking to herself in the loo was not even left and negatively propagated at large. Not only this but the RAW had already done a li’l research on Veena and knew of the scandal of nude pics online that was spread and later proved that the gal simply resembled her but was not her, using the pictures to support their warbrobe malfunction act, saying that Veena had deliberately thrown off her towel and stood stark naked before the camera for a split second too long. Well, in that case, why all lenses on Veena only?

The answer is simple if we really open our eyes to it. If you have forgotten already, Veena Malik was the talent behind Geo TV’s Hum Sab Umeed Se Hein from where Duniya TV hijacked her for their show Duniya TV. She might have had success in just one Lollywood flick Muhabbatan Sachchiyan but in Miss Duniya, with much credit to her make-up artist as well, she shone out much talented and her multi-faceted acts could not go unnoticed by the audience here as well as in India where all eyes are at our talented actors, all energies focused on breaking the celebrity stars of Pakistan, in the audience of the country as well as intentionally.

What’s done is done with and there is no undo button to go back to the time before the show began. However, the only way to make the RAW’s conspiracy unsuccessful against our stars, entrapping them at Big Boss 4, is to sleep over the entire mess, thinking that it never happened as RAW’s agenda remained but to defame our stars to such an extent that they are not acceptable in their country even, Pakistan stands out as a fundamentalist state internationally and they can use our talent to their advantage, abusing them when they feel like terming using our talent as favours on us! Veena Malik and Ali Saleem along other talented stars of ours, on the other hand, should be conscious of such RAW-plotted ploys and should think better rather than getting entangled in such unseen webs of conspiracies. – Dailymail