Jemima drops ‘Khan’ from her name

IMRAN KHAN’S socialite ex-wife Jemima has finally dropped the ‘Khan’ from her name.
Jemima, who has decided to use her famous maiden surname Goldsmith, tweeted to her friends and followers recently: “FYI – I’ve changed my user name to Jemima Goldsmith. It was time, mostly though I was bored of people asking.”Jemima was earlier known as “JemKhan” on Twitter and has been quite active on the micro-blogging website. She even introduced her ex-husband Imran Khan a year ago by urging her fans to follow him on Twitter.But she has had her share of embarrassing moments too when she posted her passport details on Twitter in a desperate bid to prove she was the “real” Jemima Khan.Jemima got irked when two Pakistani women tweeted about her being an impostor. She surprised the two women by replying to their tweets, and when they pondered about her genuineness, she scanned her passport and put it up on Twitter.Jemima is currently working on a book on Pakistan. Jemima was 21 when she married and moved to Pakistan – Nation