All about the Golden Girl of Lollywood

Reema Khan is the barbie doll of Lollywood. Reema, the Golden Girl of Pakistan Film Industry; Lollywood, the epitome of Professional Excellence and a rare combination of Beauty and Brain who carries her motherland in her heart wherever she goes..! Reema Khan was born in Lahore, the city of lights, with an initial brought-up in Multan, the city of the Saints. This wonder girl of Pakistani film industry received her early education in a leading convent school in Multan. Later her family shifted to Lahore for her higher education. Like any Muslim Family, learning Holy Quran was an integral part of a child’s early education. And, she too, learnt Holy Quran at an early stage. Besides the formal education, she was no stranger to the world of extra-curricular activities since her childhood. At her school, she participated in many extra-curricular activities with a special interest in the Dramatics. Reema was in athletics too in her school days. However, her indulgence in the extra-curricular activities earned her quite a fame and a name even in those formative years of her life. So strong was the impact of this bright little girl on her school teachers that she is still vividly remembered and adored by them even today.

She stepped into the arena in 1990 as a film actress at a very young age, doing the leading role with Shan .This Wonder Girl of Pakistani cinema made her debut into the industry with a big bang!. Her first film “BULANDI” literally took her to new heights and transformed her from a new entrant into a promising superstar overnight. She became a heartthrob for millions of her fans spanning all around the country. BULANDI was a trend-setter by all means since prior to this film the trend and the practice was to make films in Punjabi language. This film was also a blessing in disguise for the cinemagoers as it came as a breath of a fresh air. It proved to be a great box-office and it was widely acclaimed which provided a smooth runway for her to take off. This very first film was selected for the first festival. Reema’s first movie is also a landmark for the Pakistani film industry itself since Shan and Reema’s pair was the youngest duo ever to play the leading role in the history of Pakistani cinema. Reema is a bi-lingual by birth. She has an equal command over Urdu, Punjabi and English languages.

She is the first ever artist who performed in global show in New York in the year 2000 where she gave out an adequate Reflection of Pakistani culture. She delivered a speech also in which she expressed her staunch love and allegiance for her country. Her artistic acumen was at sky high pitch which factor won a great applause and appreciation by all present in the auditorium in special and public of USA in general after it was televised .the audience included the most of the kingpins of art form various countries.

This Golden Girl of Pakistani film industry is full of surprises and overflowing with creative brilliance. As a director and producer she launched her new venture ‘Koi Tujh Sa Kahan?? with a missionary zeal in which she is also the leading lady or in other words she is the Heroine. There is a very kind heart beating in this beautiful body. A heart which bleeds for suffering humanity and is always willing to help out those who are weak, poor and oppressed our society. Reema would sacrifice anything for the sake of humanity and therefore, she has always been on the fore front in making a positive and potential contribution to the social welfare programs.

Reema is the only celebrity who has received multiple and multidimensional awards from all over the world including her home land. A briefing account of this blaze of glory and appreciation during her career is too impressive. Reema’s credibility can be summed up as that she has carved and painted her name on the canvas of time to be the first ever artist in the history of Pakistan who has marveled in all the branches of the performing arts which is a rare feat fallen to a single individual , specially, a female. Her first appearance in a movie , first appearance on TV and the first attempt as a Director have won a great acknowledgements from the global fraternity which is a rare phenomenon ever witnessed in Pakistani filmdom. – Dailymail