Veena Malik evicted from BB4

The Pakistani drama queen Veena Malik, who was evicted from the show, will bid her final goodbye to Bigg Boss in her usual crazy style. She would share her experiences with the host of the show Salman Khan.Veena Malik had a scandalous stay in the Bigg Boss House. It started when she declared her love for Hrishant openly. However, when Hrishant left the house, she came closer to Ashmit Patel. Ashmit and Veena were spotted in objectionable positions several times. They were even caught kissing.She also went gaga over voice of Bigg Boss. In a particular episode she sent a weird flying kiss to Bigg Boss. And how can we miss her matrimonial proposal in the Bigg Boss House, when she praised herself saying that she is beautiful, intelligent sexy and a great cook too.Veena acted insane in the house most of the times. Well, her journey in the house is over. Now let’s wait and watch what happens when she reaches Pakistan – Dailymailnews