Actor: Stop ‘Spider-Man’ until safety is addressed

Broadway actor Adam Pascal says he was joking when he tweeted the director of the accident-plagued musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” should be charged with assault. But he says the show shouldn’t continue until safety issues are addressed.

Pascal was in “Aida” several years ago when he and co-star Heather Headley fell 15 feet after a lift gave out.

Four accidents have plagued “Spider-Man” since it began previews last month. On Monday an aerialist plunged about 30 feet into a stage pit.

Pascal said Wednesday he wants to clarify he’s not calling for the arrest of “Spider-Man” director Julie Taymor or anybody else. He says when he fell in “Aida” the gag was cut from the show and he never felt unsafe again.

Taymor says safety on “Spider-Man” is important. – Msn