Tanya Shafi—still rising on tide

Tanya Shafi is a popular fashion model and TV actress. She is 5-8″ and was born in 1974. Tanya was noticed by the public after her first shoot in Herald magazine with Fifi Haroon in 1993. She became one of the leading ‘Super’ models of Pakistan during the 1990’s and rated among the top ones like Aliya Zaidi, Vaneeza Ahmed, Amina Haq and Bibi.She was rated the most beautiful model of her time in Pakistan by Mag fashion magazine in 2000.She also hosted the weekly movie review Silver Screen, and Timeout with Tanya, a celebrity interview program. Tanya comes from a family with ties to the fashion industry.Her cousins Sana, Safinaz, Sanya, Lulu and Sadaf Jalil were established models/designers in Pakistan.

Her aunt, Beena Munir was a well-known haute couture business owner in Karachi.One of the few married models, Tanya finds that being married helps ensure that she is treated very professionally.Family is everything to Shafi and there is great pride in her voice when she talks about the unlimited support given to her by the men in her family.She becomes very emotional when she talks about her father’s recent passing.Although she married relatively young and prioritizes her family and marriage above her career, this is one model who is strongly attached to her independence – Dailymailnews