Veena Malik’s secret love life

When the whole world is talking about Veena Malik and Ashmit Patel’s sizzling chemistry on a reality show—here’s a shocker. Veena had apparently actually promised marriage to her Pakistani boyfriend and fellow actor Babrik Shah before suddenly snapping all ties with him, say sources.“Of all the boyfriends that Veena has had, Babrik is the only one who has agreed to marry her. Babrik stood by her through thick and thin but Veena didn’t even think twice before flinging herself into Ashmit Patel’s arms in the reality show”, says a close friend of the actress.However, there are sources that claim that the couple had been having trouble ever since the scandal with former Pakistani cricket player Mohammad Asif broke out and Asif apparently claimed to close friends that Veena provided escort services to him. “The couple had been dating and was frequently spotted everywhere. They were going through ups and downs until the scandal broke out and Veena decided to encash on the scandal and participate in the reality show”, the source adds.

Veena cannot communicate because she is locked up in a house for a reality show but according to Veena’s media manager in Pakistan, Rashid, Babrik is a close friend of the actoress and they appeared in a Punjabi film, Mohabbatan Sachiyan, alongside newcomers Maria Khan and Adnan Khan. The film is the only commercial success in Veena’s career.“Shahzad Rafiq’s blockbuster Mohabbatan Sachiyan proved a milestone in Veena’s career as it was a solo heroine project. Her performance in the film was applauded widely, throughout the country and abroad. That’s why a number of other projects fell on her lap”, admits Veena’s spokesperson in Pakistan. Sources say that Veena’s denial about her relationship has irked everybody close to Babrik. “Most of the films that Veena has done in Pakistan are flops apart from the film that she did with Babrik – Dailymailnews