Bruce Lee’s family ‘very pleased’ with biopic

Bruce Lee’s family is “very pleased” with a new biopic about the late martial arts star, according to director Raymond Yip.”Bruce Lee, My Brother” tells the life story of the movie legend, who died at the age of 32 in 1973.It has been put together with the authorization of Lee’s relatives, including his siblings Phoebe, Agnes and Robert, who all contributed their memories and personal stories to help filmmaker Yip tell the truth about Lee’s early years.And Yip reveals the family is very happy with the final result.

He told the Hollywood Reporter, “The Lee family supplied us with all the details and the tidbits of their family life. So we took great care to be loyal to the truth and avoid anything that felt fake, which made it rather difficult for us in terms of creating the structure of the script. But the Lee family was very pleased with the result, especially with how close it was to what actually happened.”The moviemaker also claims Robert was stunned by how much actor Aarif Lee, who plays the lead role in the biopic, looks like his late brother.Yip adds, “(Everybody) including Lee’s brother Robert… (was) quite amazed by how much Aarif resembles Bruce. No one can say for sure whether an actor really embodies Bruce’s spirit except for his family. So it was a go from then on.”The film is released this month to mark what would have been Lee’s 70th birthday on Sunday – Msn