Bridal Couture Week comes to end

LAHORE: The Bridal Couture Week came to an end on its third day on Sunday with bright lights, applause, smiling faces, camera flashes and a cheering crowd.The three-day event was organised by Style 360 fashion television and showcased designers, including Muzaffar Ali, Nilofer Shahid, Amina Ajmal, Mehdi, Hoorain whereas, Khawar Riaz, Ather Shahzad, Toni & Guy were in charge for the makeup and styling of the models.On the final day of the event, HSY, Asifa & Nabeel and Hoorain showcased their designs in three segments that were appreciated by the audience. Although the multiple layers of security was a turn off for many visitors but the pleasant scents of the guests made the atmosphere exotic and the winter chill added to the enjoyable mood. Lollywood actress Reema walked the ramp at the start of the show and received a warm applause from the guests.

The fashion models received admiration from the crowd for their confident walks and expressions. One of the female models slipped but managed to regain balance. The audience encouraged her with applause, and she finished her walk with confidence. “This is a great example of civility because usually people don’t let go any chance to make fun of others but here we saw concern on the faces of guests that is very sobre and humble and I am glad that the Pakistani people have matured,” said a member of the administration.The turning heads and low-pitched gossiping by the crowd about the designer brands was a mark of success for the event. Walking slowly on the ramp, different models presented bridal wear and groom outfits that were a treat for the audience. “I am having a blast sitting in the front row,” said a visitor – Dailytimes