Youth Performing Arts Festival starts at Alhamra

LAHORE: The Youth Performing Arts Festival began on Wednesday at the Alhamra Cultural Complex. The performance of the day was a play titled “Salamat”, which was a story about four individuals, who were admitted to a mental asylum for various social issues that are common in today’s society. A patriotic colonel whose morals are criticised by his seniors, a widowed mother who saw her being raped in front of her eyes, a professor who got caught in the hands of politics for doing justice and lastly an orphan boy. It shows that those labelled as ‘sane’ are the real insane people for they don’t stand up for what is right.

The National College of Arts’ performance by Alif Adab was a fusion of mime, drama musical and various other techniques. A movie was also showcased on the festival.The month of November brings with it a variety of different carnivals all over the city including the Youth Performing Arts Festival, which enlightens everyone’s life by mesmerising theater performances, dances, music and films screenings.It’s pertinent to mention that these performances are the need of the hour. Rafi Peer aims at supporting the youngsters in their chosen artistic enterprises in the ways of performing arts, enabling them to foster their traditional arts and preserving great cultural heritage. This festival would continue until Nov 30 – Dailytimes