Comedy Legend Sir Norman Wisdom Dies

Comedy legend Sir Norman Wisdom has died aged 95. The veteran actor, famous for his slapstick comedy roles, died peacefully in his sleep after suffering a series of strokes in recent months. He was being looked after by Abbotswood Nursing Home on the Isle of Man. The home said the comedy icon suffered “no pain or distress” before he died.

A statement said: “”Over the past six months Sir Norman has sustained a series of strokes causing a general decline in both his mental and physical health. “He had maintained a degree of independence up until a few days ago. However over the last few days his condition rapidly declined. “He was in no pain or distress and peacefully passed away.”The statement said details of the funeral arrangements would be made public later. Agent Johnny Mans said Sir Norman was “always a naughty little boy”. “He was a friend as well as someone who I have worked with over the years,” he told Sky News. “He was never, ever big headed – he was always a man of the people. “He was always a naughty little boy, but that was Norman.” Sir Norman may have been born into poverty and stood at 5ft 4in, but his slapstick performances of a bumbling idiot made him a world famous multi-millionaire and knight of the realm. He appeared in 32 television sitcoms, 19 films and won Royal approval with a string of Command Performances. In titles like The Early Bird, The Square Peg and A Stitch in Time, he worked for his nemesis Mr Grimsdale, sparking the catchphrase “Ooo, Mr Grimsdale!”. But he quit TV aged 75 in February 1990, saying it was “too smutty”.

Bizarrely Sir Norman became a national institution in Albania, where his films were the only western movies shown during the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha. His fame outshone that of David Beckham when he visited the stadium where England were due to play Albania a few years ago. Wisdom leaves behind two children Nick and Jacqui – SKYnews