Effects Of Internet On Education System

Effects Of Internet On Education System

Internet is a very essential part of life from shopping to electronic mails and education, internet is very important. It is a very large community which is using internet for pure education but teenager using Internet only for social networks.

Internet Education

Internet is very big evolution of technology but when we talk about the social networks it is extremely dangerous for youth and become enormously common and widespread in past few years. The phenomena of social network is quite simple to understand, it is a web based facility which allows individual user to build a profile identity and generate subjective associations and connections among himself and list of other friends and communicate with them at a central location. These websites are powered by many international companies because these websites are centrally visited by millions of people thus companies can get benefit of advertisements, this is how social networks are get paid; user can register himself free of cost in social networking sites like facebook.com, orkut.com and linkedin.com etc.

People get connected to one another after registration and then post news, information, fake news and other things including videos and pictures etc. every teenager education is more important than anything. Today teenager shows very much interest for using social networks but unfortunately Social Networks affect education badly. Previous research has calculated that more than 90% of college students use social networks. Technology has shown a fast development by producing small communication devices but these small communication devices can be used for accessing social networks any time anywhere, these devices include pocket computers, laptops, iPads and even simple mobile phones etc. Technology is step towards betterment, no doubt but any technology which can provide ease of social networks can be dangerous for social network addicts. Providing ubiquitous facility of social networks is a straight invitation of addiction to any teenager and even an adult, as academic satisfaction is not enough for those students who suffers from social isolation.

Social Networks grab the total attention and concentration of the students and diverts them towards non educational, unethical and inappropriate actions such as useless chatting, time killing by random searching and not doing their jobs. As social network has introduce many attractive tasks like gamming, advertisements etc. so that people can never get enough of these things. The social network addict becomes a useless node for parents, friends and other associated people. They cannot succeed because they have no sense of upcoming future and competitions in their careers. Social networks use support of difference implicit applications by virtue of which it grabs the attention of students and increase the number of users. The applications include games, advertisements, and other online activities like online live television etc. User can use these applications free, so that’s why gaming freaks and addicts use to play these games without any installation and any other formality any time anywhere, these free of cost pleasure destruct students from their education, and they do not concentrate on their education. As all of the applications are based on 2D screen play so by watching long time same screen could cause high blood pressure and anxiety which could be dangerous for education and health.

 According to survey students do not take their meals on time and do not sleep on time which causes a very non serious attitude with education. All they need after addiction is use of social networks. Social network connect them with one another so they not even bother to solve their home tasks and they contact elders and seniors to help them in cloning their educational material. Social networks provide a virtual life to the students, those students who not even speak in front of anyone could feel freedom in their virtual life. When they use social networks they feel like in heaven but this addiction kills their inner self confidence for ever. Becoming addict of social networks feels like you have so many friends but in real all of the contacts are virtual contacts. This act of going far from your family, friends, teachers and other associations could be very much dangerous for life and education. It changes the mindset of student completely like fantasies. This virtual life of student destructs his thoughts from education towards other activities and by living inside fantasy world student slowly starts to hate educated life and studies. 

The social networking websites has become essential need today, but it should not be motivated at all. It could ruin the future of teenagers and children and it had a very bad impact on education as it is discussed above. There is no third party or any other community which could check for what actions are been performed by which user, so it is strongly recommended to check children’s activities on social networks and don’t let them use social networking websites. It is also a strong recommendation for Govt. and international cyber jurisdiction to take part and ban these types of websites, other than government and jurisdiction, every parent should strictly ban use of social networks on their children and secure their future.

Author: M.WAQAS 43