Pakistanis prefer ‘reason’ over ‘passion’: survey

Pakistanis prefer ‘reason’ over ‘passion’: survey

Pakistanis prefer reason over passion survey

Karachi: Senior university students from various reputable institutes recently conducted a personality trait poll to gauge the personality preference of Pakistanis as a nation.

The survey was geared towards gauging whether Pakistanis prefer using Josh (the force of passion) or Hosh (the force of reason) in most spheres of their life. A total of over 3,700 respondents participated in the survey, which was conducted on-ground over the Internet and via SMS. On-ground and Online survey results: Sixty-nine percent of the respondents who participated in the on-ground and online survey were males while 31 percent were females (as shown in Fig 1).

Of the total males, approximately 68 percent believed that Pakistan needs more Hosh to be a positive society while 32 percent believed that the nation lacked Josh. The female respondents shared similar sentiments and majority of them were in favour of Hosh (85 percent), while a meager 15 percent were in favour of Josh.  Figure 1 Respondent’s Profile  When asked what is the single most important attribute for success, almost 40 percent of all respondents were in favour of Intelligence, which was closely followed by Luck (39 percent), while 13 percent respondents voted for Hosh and a meager eight percent were in favour of Josh.

Amongst different age groups, respondents under the age of 18 mostly favoured intelligence (46 percent), which was closely followed by Josh (40 percent). A sentiment not quite shared by the rest of the age groups, implying that the youth favours Josh over luck and Hosh (as shown in Fig 2). Another interesting find was that for respondents between the ages of 31 and above the most favoured attribute for success was luck with over 50 percent votes, implying that most of these respondents believed that success only comes through luck and does not depend upon one’s drive for Josh or Hosh.

Figure 2 Single Most Important Attribute for Success – Age-wise Bifurcation  When asked about the future of Pakistan, respondents between the ages of 31-45 were most optimistic with over 46 percent of them believing that the future was bright.  Respondents between the ages of 18-30 however did not share the same level of optimism, while 30 percent of them believed the future to be bright, 39 percent of them were still uncertain. On the whole, majority of the respondents were uncertain about the future (as shown in Fig 2), however at the same time 33 percent of them believed that it was bright, and only a meager 14 percent considered thefuture to be negative.

Figure 2 Future of Pakistan When asked as to what describes them better, 71 percent of all respondents voted for Hosh, while 21 percent were in favor of Josh. Apparently Josh turned out to be the favourable response for the unemployed where 50 percent of them voted for it. Apart from the unemployed Josh found some popularity amongst professionals (39 percent) and students (32 percent) as shown in Fig 3.  Figure 3 What Describes You Better – Occupation-wise Bifurcation
When asked as to what does cricket in Pakistan needs more, almost 53 percent of respondents voted for Hosh while the remaining 47 percent voted for Josh.

SMS survey results: An SMS based survey was also conducted whose results were somewhat different responses than the on-ground and online survey. Out of the 2,600 respondents, 61 percent voted Hosh as the most important attribute for success followed by Josh (16 percent), luck (13 percent) and Intelligence (10 percent). Hosh also emerged as the obvious choice for making Pakistan a more positive society with 85 percent votes as opposed to Josh with only 15 percent. When asked as to what describes them best, 62 percent respondents voted for Hosh while the remaining 38 percent opted for Josh.

Contrary to the on-ground and online survey, almost 68% SMS respondents felt that Pakistani cricket needs more Josh as opposed to Hosh (32 percent). Judging from the survey results, it is quite apparent that majority of the respondents favour using Hosh over Josh. While whether this choice is reflected in our nation’s practical behavior is still debatable, yet from the survey it can easily be established that our nation in principle agrees that the force of reason ‘Hosh’ is more important and pertinent for our nation’s progress than the force of passion ‘Josh’.-Dailytimes