Child brings bags of heroin to Pittsburgh school: police

PITTSBURGH: A kindergarten student in western Pennsylvania brought bags of heroin to school and handed them out to friends, said authorities, who on Thursday asked parents to search their children’s belongings for the drug.The 7-year-old boy at a primary school in the Pittsburgh neighborhood of Carrick told detectives he gave bags of the drug to three friends over the past few days, police said in a statement released late Wednesday.A teacher discovered the heroin and alerted the principal, who found 18 bags of the drug in the boy’s locker and backpack, according to police.

Police searched the school with a dog on Wednesday but found no further sign of the drug.The boy, whose name was not disclosed, called the bags the “magic ticket” because they were stamped with an image of a rabbit emerging from a magic hat, police said.It was not immediately known where he got the drug, and investigations by police and a child welfare agency were underway.Police were asking parents to check their schoolchildren’s belongings and asked that any child who may have been exposed to the drug be evaluated at a hospital.By Thursday morning, three parents reported that their children had bags of heroin that were subsequently turned over to police, according to Ebony Pugh, a spokeswoman for Pittsburgh’s public schools.”We haven’t received any reports of anyone being harmed,” – Yahoonews