Writers Are Fighters

Every writer is tasked to encourage his readers to read something every single day. Many writings can be found about the motivation of reading. If you want to make yourself different in this society then reading is must to have some knowledge about the World. Once you are sure that you have completed the first step of reading then its the right time, pick up the pen and write all you have in your mind. It will soothe you and you will be comfortable to share all your experiences with the World. 
Actually all those late nights, early mornings and lunch breaks of reading that we have already done should give us a head start in learning skills of writing. Some people will probably find the writing process a bit more difficult to navigate and actually they are those who haven’t done the high volume of reading. Reading and Writing can lead you there which you once imagined to reach and then took it as not more than any pipe dream. 

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Readers are Leaders, Writers are Fighters. I have not come across a great leader who was not a reader and all writers are fighting some battle inside or outside. Outside they are fighting with words and inside…. no any word would clarify their condition from which they are going through but still fighting with words. 
We writers are fighters because some situations have transformed us into someone who is literally not afraid to use the power of pen and knows all the ways to use it well.  Once “Confucius- a Chinese teacher, Philosopher, Editor, Politician said that knowledge was meant to be used and now we are getting it’s meaning and importance. We all have it on our minds that our society has evolved beyond our prehistoric roots of just hunters and gathers. In today’s era, we gather knowledge through high volume readings and then hunt with our well-armed pens. Just stop being afraid, write and write whatever you want to so, in this case your voice can be heard all over the world.
Author: Zara Mansoor