Have We Done Anything For Pakistan?

Have We Done Anything For Pakistan?

Let’s put the deep running emotions of patriotism aside and question ourselves, “what have we done for Pakistan”? Nothing…except for being a social addict, posting on 14th august, wearing green white with the caption “LONG LIVE PAKISTAN”.

The point is that our actions should really say that we love our country. Pakistan has suffered long heavy wars, our ancestor’s mark is etched on the land, they paid the price of our freedom with their blood, sweat, and sacrifices. Among all of God favours freedom is the most eminent blessing but are we thankful for this freedom? In these turbulent and challenging times, we have a lot on our schedules but have no time for our country.

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We try our best to survive without recognizing the cost of our freedom. We never acknowledge the sacrifices, who spilled their blood so we can enjoy tea in peace. We criticize others for being dishonest but we are not honest to this country. We are very quick to talk about our rights but very slow to fulfil our duties. We have a responsibility to acknowledge the sacrifice in our dissent. We need to act responsible; even the smallest thing we do can make a difference.

The first contribution we can offer our country is love. Love for one’s country is part of faith. To make this a better country we should start from ourselves by changing into better individuals, by advocating peace and being tolerant towards society. As the Quaid said “unity, faith and discipline” is the key to success of a country, we as a Pakistani should be united, practicing our faith and observing discipline in our lives can lead us to a better nation. Pakistan gave us everything now it’s our duty to make it a nation that when it will rise, the world will not believe its eyes…

Author: Rabia Ahmad