Paper Waste Management: In The World Full Of Savages Be A Saviour!

Paper Waste Management: In The World Full Of Savages Be A Saviour!

Sad to say but it’s true that we live in a real cold cruel world. Cruelty is not only defined in terms of humans but we’re being really cruel towards the environment we live in.


With our daily acts, we are badly destroying the ecosystem and we no longer seem to care. Here I will bring in consideration the “paper wastage” in which we are frequently involved and it is been discussed a very little. Wastage of paper is the root cause which is causing destruction of the ecosystem. Before coming towards detailed discussion about paper wastage let’s firstly know that what actually the paper is and how it is manufactured. We make papers from the pulp that is obtained from trees and cellulose from plant fibers. To manufacture the papers approximately 13 million trees are destroyed.

There are no doubt innumerable trees being destroyed for making paper, ending up littering recycling bins and trash cans. How heartless we humans really are that we cut down the trees and destroy the natural habitat of many living organisms just to fulfill our minute sort of needs. If we’ll keep on cutting trees, ultimately we will destroy this beautiful ecosystem and at last it will result in our own harm. Cutting trees and making paper is acute & dangerous in literal sense and then wasting the paper is like icing on the cake in adverse meanings. We frequently waste the paper without really focusing on it’s bad effects. The irony of the society is that paper that is mostly used by literate people, wasted by them and then they are the ones who launch the campaigns with the narrative of “saving the environment” and celebrating the “Earth day” and other environment saving days.

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Reduction of paper wastage can contribute in saving ecosystem from the deprivation of trees and it is also the most cost effective waste management strategy. Following are a few measures which can be adopted to reduce the paper wastage:

· Print and copy on both sides.
· Use e-mail to exchange documents and memos instead of printing or faxing.
· Adjust fonts, margins and spacing to fit more text on a standard sheet.
· When copying, reduce size to fit two pages of a report, book or periodical on one standard sheet.
· Reuse paper printed on one side for internal memos, “draft” documents or scratch pads.
· Use electronic data storage instead of hard copy files.
· Eliminate mail list duplications from databases.
· Use recycled-content, chlorine-free paper products, and use soy or other agriculture-based inks for printing projects.
· Deploy paper saving hard-wares and soft-wares.

We can use other possible means for paper production as it is possible to produce paper without killing trees. Many of the other sources are quite eco-friendly, and some of their production methods are much more efficient and less harmful. We just have to be willing to make the switch, on a large enough scale that the producers are ready to abandon their current systems.

Some of the best options are the ones that re-purpose waste. A few are listed down below:

· Bagasse (residue, mainly from sugarcane, that is usually burned, creating air pollution).
· Textile scraps, including from unsold second-hand clothing.

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· Elephant dung (which also increases the perceived value of elephants in their local economy).

Raise the awareness for paper wastage and for the importance of trees in our ecosystem. Play your role and give your part in saving the environment and become a savior.

Author: Aroosha Raja