Perplexity Of State Institutions

Perplexity Of State Institutions

For the last one decade or so we have been in the grip of slogan Institutional reforms of various Government institutions. Democracy, devolution of power, transparent intuitions bla bla bla. The matter of fact is that our government as well as Autonomous institutions are at the verge of collapse.

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Perplexity Of State Institutions

The reason being there is no RULE OF LAW. Although this very slogan itself was very charming and attractive. In the name of Law we have forgotten our ancestors who made this country and now its world’s 6th military power but financially and morally we have failed. On one hand we have atomic bomb while in the other hand we have begging bowel. The Law and order situation is very confusing I am not talking about troubled areas or FATA even our settled areas and Metro Politian city Karachi is suffering from terrorism/target killings, extortion and land mafias. Various state institutions like PIA, Pakistan Railways, WAPDA, Ministry of Health, Education, Finance & Environment all are heading towards collapse by leaps and bounds. Mere holding hifi workshops or seminars don’t mean we are progressing.

The situation is very grim unless we mend our ways. Institutions should be built on merit and let them function according to the book & Law. For the last few years we have seen state institutions failing miserably the reason might be known to the big wigs. The state has to be clear and statesmanship demands that we should stand behind our institutions, but silence is very alarming and might be sign of our collapse. Every single institution should mind its own business and should deliver. Performance will not only pay to the ruling parties but state will prosper. We must be Pakistani first and should not try to null the Two Nation theory by running after the friendship of our eternal enemy, the one who has not accepted our creation.

A large number of autonomous Bodies are functioning without rules and SOP’s, if at all there is some policy that too is twisted for the favour of few chosen ones. Pathetic administrative structures have earned bad names for some of the body corporate resulting into frustration amongst it permanent employees. Top-level management is appointed by ignoring the rules and few ponies of such organisations for their petty gains do not speak the truth to the authority, we must know this very fact that blatant lies can never make our institutions strong or progressive rather we will fail wretchedly.

Policing failed in Federal Capital what to talk of Karachi or Peshawar. Similarly, KPK needs to work and emergency must be declared against Polio eradication and for promoting Education & writ of the state. KPK has taken some steps for eradicating corruption but the slogan of A New Pakistan can not work with hiring re-tired lot on top positions. Running institutions on adhoc basis will lead us to failure. Let us acknowledge that we have failed in promoting merit and Rule of Law.

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Youth today is very frustrated. When we enter into any office the first question to a young man is how many years of experience do you have? Very Strange! Today we are standing where we were 15 years ago. We do not want to learn any lesson from our history. That is why the entire nation has associated hopes with Pakistan Army the only institution in Pakistan working on professional lines and following the Rule of Law.

Last week one of the highest-ranking person in Pakistan said that they will not re-hire old lot i.e. retired officers will not be rehired but strange enough the same man hired three officers on the highest positions with a single stroke of his pen by ignoring the judgments of Honourable Supreme Court of Pakistan. Nations fall owing to double standards. One is reminded of our Islamic History where Rule of Law was implemented for every one. Laws should be the guiding principles for us all but today we see some big wigs are above the law and are constantly challenging the Laws.

Unfortunately, our weak judicial system has given people no hope for the betterment and protections of rights so the entire nation is looking towards Armed Forces of Pakistan. In our state some people are equal but some are meant to rule us forever. As a nation we all need to work hand in glove and stop criticizing each other before it’s too late. This should be a wake up call for our ruling elite. Gossips are in the air that preparations are in full swing for a greater NRO of our history in which all the parties shall have their own share for the sake of “democracy”.