Climate Change is Reality

Climate change is reality, as caretaker of the planet it is our duty to do something about it. While there is no single solution, carbon capture and sequestration will play major role to make climate stable.

For many hundreds of years the average temperature change has very little. Since industrialization 250 years ago it is risen +1.40 Fahrenheit and this trend is set to continue, 1.4 degrees may not sound like much but the consequences are enormous.

Climate Change is Reality

Ice caps are melting, extreme weather conditions on the increase, damaged ecosystems and endangering the livelihood of millions of the people and this is just beginning. it is now widely accepted greenhouse gas from human activity are the major contributor to climate change. The combined burning of fossil fuel for power generation and industry is the biggest producer of man-made or the carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emission in the energy sector. There are overwhelming consensus, scientists and environmentalists and elected officials. That we must do something to address the problem. in parts of the world new laws has passed to encourage a reduction in greenhouse gases especially CO2 . There are ranges of things that one can do, energy efficiency conservation use change behavior, Renewable powers winds biofuel many different things can be done. However complete changes towards the renewable energy will take many decades.

It is time to learn today how to integrate these renewable options these servants intermittent energy supplies into our grids systems. Only forty percent of the carbon dioxide emission of power plants but they are the places where it’s probably easiest to do something about the carbon emission at a power plant. Millions of tons of carbon dioxide being released in a single year. Itis compulsory Capture carbon and sequestrates it in suitable geological location.

Climate Change is Reality

World is thinking how to store the carbon but here is no Contentedness policy and its implementation, Concomitant heat stroke and lost of precious lives. Human comfort is achieved when the environment provides the appropriate conditions to avoid feeling too hot, intended of achieving human comfort large amount of energy required, conventional energy generation process release greenhouse gases which directly have an effect on the environment.

So what is the next? Avoid using of the energy but it is not possible; human survival without energy is unfeasible. Necessary to convert appliances and machinery from old one to efficient, integration of homemade renewable power with operating system. Unfortunately common people are unaware about imminent Calamity of environment. It is responsibility of every technical and literate person to guide people about environmental devastation. Researcher warns that upcoming years will become hotter and advance precaution will prevent the unwanted accidents. It is batter to work on reduction of green house gases. Someone said doing something is better than nothing.

Author: Farman Bhayo Kashmore