New Year and Human Prosperity

New Year and Human Prosperity

Seconds into moments, moments into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days, days into weeks, Weeks into months, months into years and years change into centuries as dreamed manner as the years 2014 coverts into a new one 2015.

Happy New Year

In past year of 2014, a great many human being took their birth, and huge number of them are not amidst us now. Many of people were killed by the use of axes. Many killed by Bomb blast and the other explosives among them. Many were well bred and philanthropists who led their entire life and the migration to the second world, their works and feelings are written in golden words of history and thus are always remembered. Unlike good personalities, bad, notorious people and terrorists are having bad intentions that are always sad in blood shedding it means they are having vicious determination to acquire their illegal purposes.

These notorious and mistreatment people are never being. They are only popular with people of same nature and actually the past is for to improve present and future life. Then lets all improve our intentions and activities so that the New Year could prove to be the year of prosperity progress and betterment for the entire mankind.

Author:Sayed Shoaib Hussain shah Rizvi