MQM’s somersaults

The PML-N seems to have entered troubled waters by trying to court the MQM into a grand national alliance because the latter has put the former in a difficult position by first creating instability in Karachi, mounting a fierce opposition to the commissionerate system introduced by the PPP in Sindh and now supporting Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam’s Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri as the opposition leader against PML-N’s explicit desire to nominate Senator Ishaq Dar for this post. On top of it all, MQM chief Altaf Hussain has issued an equivocal statement that the MQM will sit in the opposition but continue to support the government’s positive steps.

In this scenario, what will happen to PML-N’s dream of a grand alliance against the government? Having developed differences with both JUI-F and MQM over the appointment of leader of the opposition in Senate, how does it plan to make the proposed alliance effective at the national level?The confusion has been worse confounded by conflicting news reports that, dazed by the instability in Karachi following the MQM’s parting of ways, the government is paddling furiously in water to bring it back in the loop. Unconfirmed reports are floating around that the PPP has not accepted MQM office bearers’ resignation, is dilly-dallying in giving its members space on the opposition benches in the national and Sindh assemblies and has convinced Dr Ishratul Ibad to retain the post of governor of Sindh.

In this scenario it seems that the PML-N has decided to be duped yet again, this time by the MQM. Perhaps the only point that compelled it to mend fences with its erstwhile bitter rival was its opposition to the PPP, but the MQM has its own axe to grind and does not see PML-N in the eye on most national issues.Meanwhile, the MQM has been thoroughly enjoying its somersaults and desperation of both the PPP and the PML-N. It is playing its usual games of taking advantage of the situation. This has been the character of the MQM throughout its past and has been consistent with the perception that it is an opportunistic party and will go to any extent to make the most of its nuisance value. – Dailytimes