Debunking US lies

It is heartening to note that at last both the political and military leaderships have learnt their lesson and come out forcefully against the US as well as its media for waging a psychological war against Pakistan. Prime Minister Gilani, feeling hurt at the spate of criticism of Pakistan coming from across the Atlantic for its ‘failure’ to do the US bidding or for providing safe havens to some groups of anti-US militants, as well as the mounting pressure for taking certain actions, told the press at Lahore on Saturday that the time for saying, “Yes, boss” was gone, and the government would not let anyone harm national interests. The nation has for long been expecting our ruling leadership to make such bold statements to silence American and Western critics, and it was, indeed, a source of great satisfaction that finally Mr Gilani rebuffed them.Now that Pakistan’s persistent critic Leon Panetta has moved from the post of CIA Director to that of Defence Secretary, one should expect that the US would more frequently rail at our role in the war on terror. Arriving at Kabul on Saturday he urged Pakistan to go after Al-Qaeda new chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri. The US media has also stepped up its campaign of vilification against Pakistan, finding holes in the military and ISI’s performance and accusing some of top brass of taking kickbacks for allegedly supplying nuclear secrets to North Korea. – Nation