Unilateral strikes

In an interview to the BBC, US President Barack Obama has said that if required, the US would carry out an Abbottabad-like strike in Pakistan in future also. According to the US president, they cannot allow people who are actively working and planning to attack American interests or homeland go scot-free. This is in stark contrast to what Pakistan’s Foreign Office and other high officials have been trying to hold out to the Pakistani public.

The prime minister has repeatedly said that in case a high value target is identified on Pakistan’s soil in future, American and Pakistani forces would carry out a joint operation. In response to the American president’s statement, the Foreign Office spokesperson took pains to explain the apparent contradiction. Reportedly, the Americans have held out assurances that no unilateral strike would take place in Pakistan. However, after President Obama has refuted this claim, no explanation from the Pakistani side would suffice. It appears to be our wishful thinking that the US would always choose to intimate Pakistan and would not resort to unilateral strikes in future. The Americans continue to flout Pakistan’s attempts at retaining a semblance of independence and sovereignty by launching drone strikes and issuing statements that contradict what Pakistani officials are saying.

This lack of consideration is because the suspicions about Pakistan’s dual policy towards militants hardened into certainty when Osama bin Laden was discovered and killed on Pakistan’s soil. The suspicions and uncertainty about Pakistan’s role in the war on terror and its attempt at preserving the jihadi outfits to be used as ‘strategic assets’ in Afghanistan and elsewhere have undermined mutual cooperation and led to a unilateralist approach on the part of the US. Therefore, the Americans would not rely on Pakistan and would like to take out high value targets themselves.In an atmosphere of increasing disregard for its concerns and respect for its sovereignty, Pakistan needs to do a serious review of its security policy. Pakistan’s society has been engulfed by the fire stoked in the name of waging jihad against infidels. These networks have brought us nothing but infamy, instability and violence. We must uproot them from our soil for good. – Dailytimes