Hindu terrorists may target WC final

BIGOTED Hindus and extremist Hindutva operatives have been threatening Pakistan’s game in India in the Cricket World Cup from the outset. Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray, the saffron robed Muslim baiter and Shiv Sena stalwart had declared that he would not permit Pakistan to play at Mumbai. Later he had retracted his statement but not his vitriolic barbs and taunts. According to the Indian media, a parrot which forecast cricket world cup matches like Paul the octopus, which had correctly predicted Football World Cup, had predicted Pakistan’s victory in the finals, had been killed on the order of Bal Thackeray. In accordance to information gleaned from Indian dailies and TV News channels, an Indian clairvoyant Parrot known as Maani forecasted Pakistan thrice consecutively as Cricket World Winner this year. The Parrot’s master, following the orders of the Shiv Sena leader, killed his Parrot intended for predicting Pakistan as successful in cricket world cup 2011.The prejudiced Hindu leader was infuriated by the prediction which glorified Pakistan hence he had its neck wringed. Now as the pulsating final match of the current World Cup is scheduled to take place on April 2 at the gigantic Wankhede stadium at Mumbai, there are reports that it will be targeted by Hindu terrorists.

The security forces would need to be fully alert to repulse any attack from the terror outfit. Intelligence inputs are suggesting terror attacks at cricket World Cup venues, thus the Indian government has asked all states hosting these matches to fortify security at the stadiums including Mumbai`s Wankhede stadium. Pakistan has also cautioned India that some terror outfits can attack Wankhede stadium on April 2, the day Mumbai stadium hosts the World Cup final match.

According to Indian media, the Centre has asked the Indian police and security forces to establish multi-layered security ring like the one that was demonstrated during the Commonwealth Games here last year. Inputs have suggested that terror groups are looking for opportunities to target the ongoing World Cup matches in India. A foreign intelligence agency has also recently conveyed to regarding a plot to terrorize the World Cup final match. The final of the tournament will be played on April 2 at Mumbai`s Wankhede stadium and there is a very high likelihood of a terror attack. Earlier too, during a Pakistan India cricket, Bal Thackeray’s goons had disrupted the match by digging up the pitch. Crowd trouble has in the past blighted cricket on the sub-continent with India forced to complete a Test match against Pakistan in an empty stadium in Calcutta in 1999 after police cleared the ground following disturbances, Pakistan had been winning the match, which was too much for the intolerant Hindus to swallow. On 17th April 2005, the Indian and Pakistani teams walked off New Delhi’s Ferozeshah Kotla ground following crowd trouble during the sixth and final one-day international. The game was disrupted after a hail of missiles hit the ground and players from both sides failed to calm the angry crowds. Indian team was reeling at 94-6 in reply to Pakistan’s 303 for 8.

Water bottles, plastic glasses and other missiles rained on to the outfield as India headed for a massive defeat. Police appealed for calm over loudhailers and Rapid Action Force anti-riot personnel moved in to restore order. Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had also watched the ill fated match. The Centre has asked the states to beef up security along the coastline, oil installations and other places in city where the match is scheduled to take place. The security forces have also been asked to strictly follow and adhere to access control measures at the stadiums. The Indian Navy, Coast Guard, coastal police of the states and coastal villages have also been alerted. However, it is international media and world powers who need to take cognizance of the fact that International sporting teams have stopped visiting Pakistan for fixtures and Pakistan was deprived of the honour of hosting the World Cup cricket matches on the plea that there were threats of terrorist attacks. It turns out that bigoted Indians are a greater threat to the sanctity of the World Cup matches – dailymailnews