Karzai’s skewed sense

It is most regrettable that US puppet Karzai, apparently overwhelmed by the emotional scene of a child who had lost one of his limbs because of one of NATO’s frequent brutal acts against the Afghan civilian population, lost his sense of logic and ventured into a domain entirely alien to the issue he had in mind. If NATO raids in his country hurt him and his people, these raids in Pakistan would bring no solace there. Rather than touting the message of his masters that Pakistan harbours Al-Qaeda sanctuaries, he should be counselling them against succumbing to another impulse of dangerous foolhardiness by ‘taking the fight to Pakistan’.Bush’s blunder of launching wars of aggression has earned the US not only an abiding shame of defeat, but also sheared it off the woolly clout of being the sole superpower. Obama’s over-reliance upon General Petraeus’s ability to turn the tide by taking on Pakistan would serve to perform the final rites of the myth of American invincibility.President Hamid Karzai, it is unfortunate, has mastered the art of blowing hot and cold. While he keeps interjecting that without Pakistan’s help and cooperation, peace and stability cannot return to Afghanistan, he often feels obliged to toe the US line of putting the blame on Islamabad for a continued determined resistance in his country, which prompts the helpless NATO forces to resort to an indiscriminate slaughter of innocent civilians there. The repeated setbacks their troops have suffered and the power of Afghan resistance to re-emerge at places that the US boasts of having cleared of them have left such a bitter taste in the mouth of GIs and even their Generals that they are compelled to think of a withdrawal that can be presented before the world as ‘honourable – Nation