Obama guilty of contempt of Pak court

BY stating that Pakistan is illegally putting US diplomat to trial, President Obama has committed contempt of court. He has made a mockery of the judicial system of Pakistan and is trying to obstruct justice. Mr. Raymond Allen Davis (RAD) or whatever his real name, is neither a diplomat nor he enjoys full diplomatic immunity. His case is under trial in Pakistani courts and to declare that Pakistan is trying him illegally, is rubbing salt in the wounds of his hosts. Mr. Raymond Davis and his misadventure in Lahore’s suburban hub Mozang resulted in the callous death of three young men, while the pregnant wife of one the slain youth committed suicide, her uncle was poisoned by alleged US agents and the wife of a second motorcyclist, also slaughtered by RAD, is threatening to commit suicide because of the pressure being borne on her to withdraw the case against RAD.The question here arises, why is President Obama willing to exert US pressure for a two bit thug like RAD. The answer is that there is more to RAD than meets the eye. Readers may recall that in the run up to the US invasion of Iraq, then US Secretary of State and former Chairman Joint Chief of Staff, General Colin Powell Powell’s chief role was to garner international support for a multi-national coalition to mount the invasion. To this end, Powell addressed a plenary session of the United Nations Security Council on February 5, 2003 to argue in favour of military action. Citing numerous anonymous Iraqi defectors, Powell asserted that “there can be no doubt that Saddam Hussein has biological weapons and the capability to rapidly produce more, many more.” Powell also stated that there was “no doubt in my mind” that Saddam was working to obtain key components to produce nuclear weapons. Later events proved Mr. Colin Powell to have lied under oath and causing the death and destruction of thousands of Iraqis, US and allied troops and crippling the Iraqi Nation for life. Now President Obama is being urged to tell lies to protect a confirmed CIA operative. British Media repeated allegations by Pakistani officials that RAD was a CIA spy. The AP then published that they had confirmation of the allegation, which has put his life in further jeopardy. Pakistani police have rejected Davis’ version of events and say their investigation found it to be a case of murder. The incident, complicated by the death of a third Pakistani struck by a U.S. diplomatic vehicle rushing to Davis’ aid, has inflamed anti-American sentiment across Pakistan. Pakistani officials have demanded that the CIA release the names of all of its agents operating in Pakistan after alleging Davis was working there without Pakistan’s knowledge.

The Daily Mail has learnt on good authority that RAD as well as the other US citizen apprehended at Peshawar, Aaron Mark De Haven, are part of a grand plan to destabilize Pakistan. It may be recalled that when the west was spreading rumours that Pakistan’s nukes are in the danger of falling in the hands of Al-Qaeda and Taliban and jeopardizing the west, The Daily Mail had argued that nukes are not toys that can be stolen and used against an enemy. They require sophisticated training and technological know-how to assemble and operate even a dirty bomb and the rag tag militia of Al-Qaeda and Taliban is not capable of stealing and using Pakistan’s nukes. It appears that the CIA has managed to find a method to execute this madness. It has sent trained operatives like RAD and De Haven to collude with Al-Qaeda and Taliban to use these sophisticated weapons. A number of US citizens were arrested earlier but later let off while masquerading as Taliban and even carrying arms. Apparently CIA operatives will steal Pakistan’s nukes, use them on targets in US and blame Pakistan for the attack and take punitive action. This then is the reason why Obama and his cohorts are so eager to have RAD released so that he does not spill the beans regarding CIA’s heinous plot – Dailymailnews