Indian machinations

India continues to work in a coordinated way to harm Pakistan in any way it can. The latest evidence that its machinations against Pakistan are not because of some isolated group, but is part of policy permeating the highest reaches of Indian government, has been revealed in the latest five-year plan of the Indian Planning Commission, where there are detailed plans not only to make nonsense of the Indus Basin Waters Treaty through making dams on the Indus and other rivers of the Indus basin, but also to splurge $100 billion on equipment for the armed forces. The huge spending was perhaps made inevitable by the level and kind of spending undertaken in previous plan periods, and is part of the grand design to present to the world the image of an emerging world power.However, the vast mass of Indians, mired as they are in grinding poverty, would certainly want this money spent on improving their lot rather than beefing up the already bloated armed forces. Apart from the fact that India is setting off a regional arms race with the new fighters, spy planes, helicopters and missiles it will acquire, it must be asked if the arms are even aimed at any country other than Pakistan, let alone where they will be used. While the arms may be used against other powers, there is no disguising that the plans made to violate the IWT may be on the excuse of hydroelectricity, but the hidden agenda, and the real intention, is that the Indian state will get the capacity to turn Pakistan into a desert by holding back its water – Nation