Millions march

An ocean of human heads in Cairo on Tuesday night forced the ruling dictator Hosni Mubarak to address the nation on state-run television pleading them to return to their homes. He promised he would not contest the next elections assuring the peaceful transfer of power arguing that the choice was between chaos and stability. But those listening to his speech at Tahrir Square roared back with a big ‘No’ to his offer as he finished talking. This is a reflection of people’s power. Hosni Mubarak, who led the 30-year long dictatorship over this oil-rich Middle Eastern state was on his knees to beg the protesting nation to give him few more months as President so that he could introduce required constitutional reforms. The dictator has already dissolved his cabinet and brought in new faces to satisfy the protesting millions. But no one is willing to pay any heed to what he says or argues. In fact the opposition leadership is not willing to trust promises made during his speech due to huge credibility gap. Mubarak is not only disowned by his own people but also his strong allies including the United States and Britain. American President Barrak Obama has advised him to read the writing on the wall while Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has suggested Mubarak to prepare for the transition. So far only Saudi Arabia has taken a pro-Mubarak position. On the other hand his own army has been watching from the sidelines and has not initiated any action against protestors. So far only police has been trying to resist that led to violent situations across the country. On Wednesday pro-Mubarak people came out on Cairo streets and clashed with those demanding stepping down of the dictator. This attempt by his supporters is certainly going to add salt to injury making the conditions highly inflammable fit to take any tragic dimension – Nation