RAW’s fake x-border encounter

INDIAN machinations and shenanigans to embarrass Pakistan never cease. In a major breakthrough, Pakistani security officials have foiled an attempt by the Indian intelligence agencies to enact a fake encounter for implicating Pakistan in incidents of cross-border terrorism. The plot came to light when a RAW operative was apprehended in Sialkot border area while attempting to cross over to India through the border security fence; an impregnable barbed wire obstacle whose entrance points are locked and controlled by the Indian Border Security Force (BSF).

The RAW operative has confessed to working as an Indian spy who had been deployed and tasked to recruit agents from Pakistan to work for RAW. The arrested undercover agent, who was a hard nut to crack and his name has been withheld for security reasons, spilt the beans regarding the plot that was being hatched to stage the drama of the fake cross border encounter.

He confessed that his Indian handlers Sharma and Amjad had tasked him to recruit a Pakistani national by offering a large monetary reward, preferably carrying a weapon and send him across the border through the border barbed wire fence after liaison with the BSF troops. Sharma had assured him that all the details of border crossing would be finalized by him and duly taken care off at his end. The RAW operative also disclosed a gruesome twist to the plot that the Indian intelligence agencies had planned a fake encounter to kill the border crosser. The major aim of the gory drama was to exploit the incident as proof of subversive elements launched by ISI for crossing over from Pakistan to commit acts of terrorism in India, and embarrass Pakistan.

The arrested RAW operative also confessed to the interrogators that he had met his Indian handlers in Islamabad as well. The apprehended Indian spy and the presence of his RAW handlers in Islamabad is an exposé which provides evidence of an organized espionage network working under the garb of diplomatic cover. This espionage network has abused the norms of diplomacy and Pakistan’s hospitality as it also sheds light on running terror networks to destabilize Pakistan from within the safe environment of the Diplomatic Enclave.

Under pressure from President Obama to resume the Composite Dialogue process with Pakistan, India appears to have shifted its focus from terrorism to conducting fake encounters that would help vitiate the environment for holding the Composite Dialogue Process that had lost all momentum in the wake of Mumbai terror strike in November 2008. The Foreign Secretaries are scheduled to meet at Thimpu Bhutan on the sidelines of a SAARC meeting in the first week of February. All eyes are set on the positive outcome of this interaction, but India, which has a track record of staging fake encounters to pressurize Pakistan on the eve of important visits to India or the possibility of an Indo-Pak peace dialogue, is up to its old tricks. India has tried to avoid discussing the core issue of Kashmir under any pretext, but a fake encounter of the kind, which has been foiled in time would have had extremely serious consequences, since Pakistan is already being blamed for being the epicentre of terrorism and is under the close scanner of International observers. India has warned that a repeat of another attack of the nature of the Mumbai episode, would force it to conduct surgical strikes against alleged “terrorist training” camps in Pakistan.

The outcome of such a drastic action would be horrible since Pakistan would be forced to mount a riposte. For the two nuclear weapons equipped neighbours, erupting into armed hostility would have dreadful consequences for the entire world. The saner elements in the world community need to take cognizance of India’s stratagem and take it to task for its macabre scheme to destabilize not only Pakistan and the region but the whole world. It is grisly to imagine the consequences of such a state trying to get a permanent seat the UN Security Council – Dailymailnews