India using violence against Afghans

AFGHANS should remember the hospitality of Pakistan, when millions of Afghan refugees crossed the Durand Line in 1979 after the Soviets invaded their homeland. Battered and beaten by the Soviet occupation army, these Afghan refugees were welcomed by Pakistanis and in the spirit of the Ansars of Madina, the people of Pakistan opened their hearts and hearth for their Afghan brothers. Unfortunately, after staying in Pakistan for over a decade, when these Afghans returned to their homeland, the Indian propaganda machinery came into action and alienated the Afghans from Pakistan by driving a wedge between the two neighbours. Now the true face of India is being exposed. Indians have started a policy of using violence against the Afghans residing in India. In a latest incident, at least 59 Afghan students of Ravenshaw University in Cuttack escaped from their university dorms for safety reasons. The group includes two Afghan girls. They did not feel safe even after Indian police protection was assigned to them. The Afghan students decided to leave the university following a group clash inside the campus on January 13. Two Afghan students suffered serious injuries while five others, including the son of a minister in Hamid Karzai’s government, were left with minor injuries during the clash.Although the commissioner of police had assured two Afghan embassy officials who had come to Cuttack on January 14 that adequate security would be provided, the Afghan students were not satisfied with police arrangement. At least 78 foreign students, 69 of them from Afghanistan, were studying in Cuttack under culture exchange program of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). The issue has assumed importance as one of the Afghani students assaulted in latest incident is the son of Minister of Water Resources in Kabul. The Central Government is also sending a two-member team—a Joint Secretary in the Ministry of External Affairs and a high-level official of the ICCR—to probe the incident. Last month four Afghan students were brutally thrashed in Bangalore. An office of an Afghan software company in Chennai was burned and its Afghan owner was rushed to hospital with very serious burn injuries. In other incidents Afghan drivers and other workers were reported tortured in Haryana, Mumbai and a few other places.In continuation of offences of moral turpitude by Indian soldiers in Kashmir and raping Kashmiri women, Indians have started a sex offensive against Afghan women. Take the recent case of a married Indian army major with two children who claimed to have converted to Islam, who married an 18-year-old Afghan girl in Kabul and then dumped her.

Now the girl is in New Delhi seeking justice. The case highlights Indian army’s violations against women in occupied Kashmir and Afghanistan. The case has also brought to light a hidden fact; that of India’s military presence in Afghanistan. Major Chandrasekhar Pant was working at an Indian-funded civilian hospital in Kabul when he met an 18-year-old Afghan interpreter employed by the hospital management. Pant had an Indian wife and two children back in India but he lied to Sabera Ahmedzai that he was single. He met her parents and claimed to have converted to Islam to marry the girl, which he did. But three weeks later he left Afghanistan without informing his young wife. It turned out he was redeployed by the Indian Army from Kabul to the border with China, adjoining the Chinese province of Tibet. After dumping Sabera, it has come to light that he duped the Afghan girl and her parents by indulging in a fake marriage only to have illicit sex with her.The Daily Mail believes that by using violence against Afghans in India and the illegal presence of Indian troops in Afghanistan, which was disclosed only after the rape of an Afghan woman by an Indian Army major are serious reprehensible deeds which must be condemned and show the true ugly face of India – Dailymailnews