NATO-ISAF atrocities

While President Barrak Obama is consistently trying to make the world believe that US and allied troops’ pullout from Afghanistan will start this year and end in 2014, these foreign forces are crossing all limits and have now started erasing villages without realising how much collateral damage this fresh campaign would cause. The latest example is a village Tarok Kolacche in Arghandab river Valley in Kandahar province. NATO dropped 25 tons of bombs from the air and fired hundreds of rockets from the ground, eliminating the small settlement from the map of the world. It was a retaliatory offensive since the village had been overtaken by the militants causing serious damage to ISAF troops. NATO commander Gen Petraeus who planned this operation has instructed his commanders in south Afghanistan to adopt similar tactics on a wider scale.If such a campaign continues, efforts aimed at bringing peace to the country would be jeopardised and resistance would get further strengthened. Afghan President Hamid Karazai has already been voicing concern over indiscriminate bombing of the civilian population. Pakistan, on its part, must also raise its voice over such events in Afghanistan that are causing dozens of casualties and forcing local inhabitants to flee from their areas. In most case they cross over to Pakistan. There has been no dearth of war experts and analysts who hold the view that militants grow in number by the hour, as foreign troops resort to cruel actions in Afghanistan. This is also being viewed as failure of the American approach in handling the crisis – Nation