A move towards reconciliation

In one of his first political appearances since taking oath as Governor Punjab, Sardar Latif Khosa met PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif at his Raiwind residence on Tuesday. The new governor could not have broken the ice that existed between the provincial government and the office of the governor in a better way. Both agreed that the policy of reconciliation is the only way forward. This is a welcome step but it will bear fruit only if it does not prove to be the usual rhetoric.As Governor Punjab the late Salmaan Taseer played a very prominent role, where he loudly chastised the PML-N for its many flawed policies and double standards. In his political element, he had the ability to stare them down; some would say that was not a wise strategy, others would commend him for keeping the PML-N in its place.

Since the formation of this government, the coalition has been walking on eggshells. The PML-N and the PPP have been at loggerheads over many issues but it has usually been the PPP that has offered to back down from its stance to accommodate the PML-N, which has been often quite infantile in its demands. Some have said that the PPP has shown itself as weak because of its reconciliation policy but to them one must ask: with the country in such economic and terror-stricken straits, can we afford bitter political rivalries? With our political parties at war with one another they will have precious little time to sort out the mess Pakistan currently finds itself in.

Although Governor Khosa has done a good job in being the first man from both sides to bridge the gap that exists between the PML-N and the PPP, one would advise him some caution; the PML-N has targeted the PPP enough times and has even given it ultimatums where it has threatened the PPP with ouster if it does not concede to its demands. Salmaan Taseer was having none of that but Khosa seems willing to give the old bat another swing. Because the people have all seen and heard the slogan of reconciliation being touted before, the jury remains out on the outcome of this move but it is encouraging to see that Governor Khosa has started his tenure on a positive note – Dailytimes