Indo-US support for Baloch separatists

FOREIGN involvement (India/US) in supporting separatist elements in Balochistan and creating unrest in Pakistan is currently at its peak. Indian diplomats and media supported by RAW remain actively involved in fomenting troubles in FATA and Balochistan. Their aim is to create and bring instability in Pakistan. At the same time India cleverly propagates against Pakistan concealing her own criminal designs to destabilize Pakistan, that Pakistan is supporting Al-Qaeda by providing safe heavens in Pakistani cities. Indian propaganda needs to be countered not only by Pakistan’s Foreign Office but by our media. Indian involvement in creating unrest in Pakistan and supporting the separatist elements in Balochistan must be exposed since it has assumed serious proportions.Indian propaganda machine coins anti Pakistan themes to show Pakistan in bad light. They project that Pakistan is not taking any action against Taliban and Al-Qaeda elements in North Waziristan. It is extremely damaging for Pakistan as it provokes the US to put more pressure on Pakistan endangering Pak-US relations. Foreign interference in Balochistan province appears to be evident and domestic media has also been pointing towards Indian and US designs to support the separatist elements. Own media must play its role objectively to find out the real facts about involvement of foreign hand in Balochistan.

Arrest of Shahzain Bugti by security forces on charges of keeping illegal weapons/arms is a case in point. Media has shown Shahzain Bugti’s conversation with US embassy at the time of his arrest. The US on the other hand, claims that it is justified in meddling in Pakistan’s internal affairs. US Ambassador Cameron Munter has necessitated American meddling in Pakistan’s ‘financial and governance’ matters on account of it being Pakistan’s largest aid provider. He stated: “We appear to be intrusive because we care, we are the largest donor. Our aid comes as outright grant of assistance which is different from loans,” the ambassador said in a lecture at a local think tank, the ‘Islamabad Programme in Global Studies’, last week. “Yes we are demanding,” he acknowledged and quickly went on to add that although Washington might have been ‘bluntly’ saying what it believed needed to be done, but it came with ‘a measure of respect’. While US interference is an open secret and diplomatic cables recently released by WikiLeaks laid bare the extent of American involvement in Pakistan’s domestic affairs, Mr. Munter’s candid talk took many by surprise because they least expected the ambassador to be publicly saying so.Pakistan needs to set its own house in order.

India, the US and any other foreign player in the region needs to be told in clear words that they have no right to be disrespectful to Pakistan’s sovereignty. Our Security and intelligence agencies need to keep a sharp eye on the movement and contacts of foreign diplomats accredited to Pakistan. Their movement outside Islamabad should be restricted and their contacts with locals should also be monitored. Perhaps we have been too hospitable with the diplomats and foreign nationals in Pakistan and they have in return abused our hospitability. In view of the above, our security agencies need to burn the midnight oil and expose the illegal foreign connections with Pakistani nationals lay restrictions to curb foreign interference in Balochistan/Pakistan. The Balochistan Republican Army and a number of other insurgent organizations have been found to be in possession of foreign currency and arms along with training manuals in the art of sedition, sabotage and surreptitious activities. In order put a stop to these clandestine activities, we need to involve our own people in being more watchful, vigilant and keep an eye on suspicious moves of foreigners and report them to the authorities. Unfortunately, some foreign agencies are trying to ingress into the Pakistani society through seemingly benign fraternal organizations and schemes like friendship societies and “Aman ki Asha” and other schemes, which are detrimental to the interests of Pakistan. Our public and media must be cognizant of the fact that they should avoid these covert organizations and assume their membership only at the peril of national security – Dailymailnews