An uncaring opposition

The Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) has demonstrated how lacking in social decorum and sensitivity it is. The PML-N has set a six-day deadline for the PPP to accept its demands if it wishes to stay in power. In normal circumstances, this diatribe would be seen as the PML-N fitting neatly into its role of opposition for the sake of opposition, but at this sad moment in the history of this blighted country, the PML-N has shown just how nasty it can be. Governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer was viciously gunned down on Tuesday. The contempt with which members of the PML-N held Mr Taseer is well known but, no matter what, Salmaan Taseer was a member of the political fraternity and as such the PML-N organising committee ought to have paid the man some respect. Their ‘do or die’ session should have been cancelled on hearing the news of the governor’s assassination. However, they have categorically said that the PPP will be given a mere three days to decide upon the conditions put forth after the official three-day mourning period is over.

The PML-N has clearly shown that it does not have a heart when it comes to politics; imagine the heart it has for the masses if it cannot restrain itself after the death of an upstanding human being.Has the PML-N forgotten that without the PPP, it does not stand a chance of maintaining its coalition government in Punjab? Who is to say that early elections will not usher in an even more fractured coalition? Is the PML-N ready for the consequences of its haste?It looks like these and other questions have escaped the PML-N. In its list of demands, the PML-N has told the PPP to reverse inflation but has failed to put forward any plan. If it expects the economic woes of Pakistan to be dismissed with a snap of the PPP’s fingers, it labours under a delusion. It further stated that a 30 percent cut in government spending be immediately initiated. Has it told the public why this odd figure has been chosen? We would all like to see POL prices reduced but has the PML-N charted out how the government will meet the budget deficit without this and the RGST? If the PML-N is so people-friendly, we implore it to outline its plans. We also hope it can show some sensitivity in the future – Dailytimes