2010 — India’s true face

FIVE permanent members of the UN Security council visited India in 2010, raising her international image as the emerging global power, her nuisance value and political clout by turning a blind eye to the Human Rights violations in Kashmir, fomenting troubles and unleashing black propaganda against Pakistan, Northeast India, history of her double-standards, hegemonic and expansionist designs, her witch-hunt domestic governance, racial apartheid and oligarchic democratic rule. President Obama’s statement, supporting her candidature for the UNSC, upped the ante in India’s favour. However, it emanates the wrong message to the world. It lets other nations conclude that by becoming a bully of the block and amassing weapons of mass destruction and indulging in mass genocide, one’s antecedents for joining the exclusive club of permanent members of the UN Security Council are improved. This is preposterous because the aspiring members of the elite club should realize what humanitarian obligations and political ethics it demands before conferring this prestigious status. Indian defence related deals worth billions of dollar with major powers including USA, UK, France, Germany and Russia speak volumes about Indian hegemonic designs. No doubt western powers driven by their economic aspiration are issuing strong statements to help India get permanent seat in UN Security Council.

In reality they intend selling their arms to India. On the other hand Indian masses live much below the poverty line but unfortunately Indian leadership is ignoring their basic needs and they are getting ready to invest foolishly purchasing arms from all over the world. India has also cashed the opportunity by asking the foreign heads of the states to make anti Pakistan statements while signing different MOUs including defence related deals with India. This clearly projects the real face of India.Growing defence collaboration between India and Israel is also a source of concern for Pakistan and other regional states including Arab states. Indian expansionist designs are not only threatening her neighbours but also a cause to start an arms race in the region. The world powers should recognize this fact and play their role to put Indian leadership on the peace track instead of collecting and manufacturing the weapons. On the other hand, India is also wooing the Arab states to acquire their support for a permanent seat in UNSC. The Arabs need to appreciate that Israel is the true enemy of the Arabs. It has plundered and violated Arab territories and slaughtered thousands of Palestinians.

Israeli ally India is a mirror copy of Israel; except that Indians are busy slaughtering Kashmiris. Indo-Israeli ties work to the detriment of the Arabs and they should learn to discern the real face of their adversary. Anti Pakistan statements by foreign leaders during their visit to India has not created a stir in Pakistani perceptions rising tempers and disturbing moods, but has also forced Pakistan to counter these statements. Recalling Russian ambassador’s blame-game, urging Pakistan to dismantle 40 terrorist training camps, German Chancellor’s views that Islamabad is using terrorism to reap political benefits and French President Nicholas Sarkozy’s claim that world does not agree with the idea that Pakistan trains all the terrorists, similar urging by British Premier and US President urge Pakistan to counter such propaganda statements and bring under focus how Pakistan has played her role as a peace-loving and a responsible state in the world politics in the past, while India has left no stone unturned to defame Pakistan through her propaganda designs. That then is the true face of India, which got even uglier in 2010 and is likely to take up more repulsive and abhorrent proportions in 2011 – Dailymailnews