UK document confirms Israeli nukes

AN open secret, which has never been substantiated by Israel, has now been corroborated British document that Israel has possessed nuclear weapons for more than three decades. Secret files released by Britain’s National Archives said on Wednesday that British officials feared Tel Aviv would use its nuclear weapons in case of another war with Arab countries in the region. Israel, which is considered as the sole possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East, has never confirmed or denied that it has produced nuclear warheads. It has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and also adamantly rejected international inspection of its nuclear facilities. According to the archival documents, former US President Jimmy Carter acknowledged for the first time in May 2008 that Tel Aviv has 150 nuclear warheads in its arsenals. In 1986, Israeli nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu, leaked the news that Israel had between 100 and 200 nuclear weapons. Vanunu was a former worker at the country’s Dimona nuclear reactor in the Negev desert.

In May 2010, the UK’s Guardian newspaper said secret South African documents reveal that in 1975, Israel offered to sell nuclear warheads to the then-apartheid regime in South Africa. According to documents obtained by the newspaper, a secret meeting between the then-Israeli defence minister, Shimon Peres, and his South African counterpart, P.W. Botha, ended with an offer for the sale of warheads “in three sizes.” The Guardian claimed that those “sizes” referred to conventional, chemical and nuclear weapons. Israel has initiated several wars in the region in its 60-year-old history of occupation of Palestinian territories in the West Bank and East al-Quds (Jerusalem).This revelation comes in the backdrop of alleged Israeli plans to attack Iran under the pretext that it is developing nuclear weapons. This is doublespeak both for Israel and its mentor USA. The US has given a tacit approval to Israel’s nuclear program as has been confirmed vide the British archives and looks the other way whenever Israel flexes its muscles. Operation Babylon was a surprise Israeli air strike carried out on June 7, 1981, that destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) southeast of Baghdad. Iraq. The Zionists inside the US government institutions control every aspect of America.

One needs to ponder why less than 1% Zionist Jews are controlling entire US Media (Print, Radio, TV), Federal Reserve, 90% of all major international Banks, most of White House sensitive positions to President. Zionists AIPAC controls every US Senator and Representatives in the Congress. US gives $3 Billion aid to Israel every year. The confirmation of Israeli nukes under the current circumstances is very dangerous especially if Israel decided to carry out its threat of attacking Iranian nuclear assets. President Obama continues to wield under Israeli pressure and has succumbed to Israeli blackmailing regarding Jewish encroachments in Palestinian territory. The west would be better served in the name of justice and fairplay to let the Iranian nuclear program continue as long as they give assurances that it is for peaceful purposes only. After what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. If Israel can clandestinely develop its nuclear program and receive no chastisement from the west, Iran too deserves a fair chance. Additionally, Israel considered indulging in nuclear proliferation but the dead horse of Dr. Qadeer Khan continues to be flogged by the west to censure Pakistan – Dailymailnews