Sea of robbers

PRIME Minister Manmohan Singh is very keen to show the nation that he is not scam tainted at all and as such, has written to the Public Accounts Committee expressing his willingness to appear before the panel – it is going into the 2G spectrum allocation scam. However, India has been robbed of more than Rs 200,000 crore through the various scams (2G scam, CWG scam, Adarsh scam and more) on his watch, yet he is mum on that, having refused to go beyond the cursory statement that the intelligence agencies are looking into the matter. Following up his announcement at the Congress plenary session, Singh made the offer in his letter to PAC Chairman Murli Manohar Joshi. Contending that the Opposition was “falsely propagating” that government was shying away from JPC to prevent the Prime Minister from appearing before it, Singh said he has “nothing to hide from the public”. Singh’s letter to PAC comes on a day when the Comptroller and Auditor General, whose report on a presumed loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the exchequer in 2G spectrum allocation created a storm in Parliament. “I wish to state categorically that I have nothing to hide from the public at large and as a proof of my bonafides I intend to write to the Chairman of the PAC that I shall be happy to appear before the PAC, if it chooses to ask me to do so,” Singh had said. A Raja, who has been questioned by the CBI in connection with alleged irregularities in the spectrum allocation, was forced to resign on November 14 as Telecom minister.

Manmohan Singh should know that the buck stops with the PM. He is the big boss for all the ministers and they are answerable to him. Now and in 2008 when the scam took place. Even if the Indian PM comes out clean, still the fact that he is surrounded by scoundrels, who are stripping the Indian exchequer clean, which does not make him clean. He has two options only, either to clean his surroundings or quit his position. His willingness to appear before PAC is not going to solve the problem. He has to prove that he is not a puppet whose strings are being manipulated by Sonia Gandhi, and tell the nation that He is going to take action against the corrupt Indian politicians within a year. He can no longer hide behind the apron strings of Sonia Gandhi and claim that his hands are tied by the party so he cannot act.

Calling himself clean is not the need of the hour. People are looking for action. The Indian Opposition has successfully led the public out in the streets protesting. Manmohan Singh says he is not a rubber stamp but during the last 6 years he has not shown any courage, be it selection of ministers, tainted/corrupt/unscrupulous scamsters et al; nor he had the guts to show them the door and send them to jail…. so of what use is a clean man. He is not a Dhobi or is running a laundry shop. Moreover he is neither a politician, nor does he possess any oratory skills, he is not parliamentarian, and shies away from people. He is certainly India’s worst Prime Minister, who will be judged by history and future generations as a mere factotum, who failed to rise to the occasion when the people needed him. The slogans and protests of the common India is reaching a crescendo and is likely to bring the occupier of the throne in the Rashtrapati Bhavan down, if he does not act soon. – Dailymail