Terrorism in India has indigenous dynamics

War like situation prevails in Naxalite affected areas and there appears no end in sight to the issue. The political leadership has failed to tame the Naxalite beasts through economic uplift, and oppressive techniques. No serious attention has been given to separatist movements and embedded terrorism committed by ruling class. Public sentiments in India have reached a boil due to the apparent helplessness of India’s security agencies in curbing the wave of terrorism. People are more irked because the government in tandem with Indian media blames Pakistan and its premier intelligence agency ISI for being the perpetrators of the terror activities in India, which are actually indigenous. The Indian government, instead of trying to resolve the issue, washes its hands off the case by laying the blame squarely on Pakistan. The people themselves are fully cognizant of how burgeoning disparity between poverty-stricken down castes vis-à-vis affluent Brahman class is being driven to the walls. Their pent up anger can catch fire one day to burn `Shining India’ while Pakistan would be blamed for no fault of its own. India is perched on a ticking time bomb and appears oblivious of the danger and peril it faces in case it blasts.

Indian allegations that Pakistani ISI is recruiting Naxals through Kashmiri separatist groups and is also providing arms to Naxalites is based on an absolute false premise since a global team of US intelligence professionals has found no evidence of any links between Naxals and ISI. This has nailed the Indian lie but brings little comfort to the people of India, since they still face the threats from the Naxalite insurgency arising from wrong Indian policies. Hindu Extremist Organizations are breeding terrorism and curbing freedom of expression in India. In this context, it is essential to point towards the activists of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, who have dubbed Arundhati Roy as anti-national and are persistently attacking her meetings and house on the pretext of her statement that Kashmir is not an integral part of India. The attack on Indian parliament on 13 December 2001 was an engineered plot to blackmail Pakistan over trumped up charges of terrorism. Poor socio-economic conditions prevailing among Indian Muslims and other minorities are primarily responsible for the spate of terrorist incidents in India.

As per International Religious Freedom Report 2010, violations of religious freedom exist in India. This leads to discrimination and prejudicial treatment of minority. In certain states of India Hindu extremists have tried to coerce the Christian minority by burning their churches, houses and killing them by fire and burning them alive. The poor survivors are forced to accept Hinduism; thus spreading the germs of extremism and terrorism. Two years after losing relatives and property to anti-Christian violence, survivors in India’s Orissa state are still being forced to return to Hinduism. Those who resist are tortured, denied basic needs of life and are totally alienated. Like an ostrich that buries its head in the face of impending danger, Indian government is turning a blind eye to the root causes of the Naxalite uprising, which stems from deprivation and impoverishment. Blaming Pakistan for its woes will not make the indigenous wave of terror go away. If India wishes to resolve its terror related problems, it will have to look inwards and stop blaming Pakistan – Dailymailnews