Instability in Balochistan

HOSTILE propaganda themes openly project the richness of Balochistan in natural resources including gas, coal and gold mines. They also assert that people of Balochistan have not been given their due share and that their resource rich land had been used by politico-military dictatorship. Hence a strong sense of deprivation exists among the people of Balochistan. These seditious foreign elements try and play up the Baloch sense of estrangement to make them rise against the state.

There is dire need to curb their fear of being turned into a minority in their own land. Since the malicious propaganda does have some effect on the uninformed and naïve souls. Whereas the foreign elements find the political disconnect and economic deprivation as the easily exploitable vulnerabilities of Pakistan, the Baloch leaders are acting as the instruments of foreign elements while the government efforts to address the Baloch crises appear to be too dawdling.

There is a danger that delay in addressing the core issues of Balochistan will further deepen the Baloch crisis. Government efforts in Balochistan to address the problems of a common man need media projection. This will at least convey a message to the people of Balochistan that the Government is very much concerned about them and efforts are on to further address their problems. Government should have a coherent strategy to address radical elements. Target killing of non-Baloch teachers has escalated into large scale migration of educationists from Balochistan which will have a far reaching negative impact on the province. Government must ensure maintenance of law and order in the province at all costs.

The Daily Mail finds that the Indian involvement in Balochistan continues unabated. Subversive activities like target killings, kidnappings, attacks on Government buildings, oil pipelines and other vital installations etc have increased manifold indicating close connectivity of RAW. Indian Consulates across the Durand Line, safely harbouring RAW Operatives, are engaged in the clandestine operations of not only creating bad blood between the people of Balochistan and the Government, they actually recruit insurgents, arm them and launch them into Balochistan to carry out their heinous operations. There is an urgent need for the media to expose that Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) is getting logistic support including weapons, training and financial support from India. They are issued with Indian passports, visas and provided facilities to conduct anti-Pakistan activities. Similarly, another RAW and MOSSAD supported separatist group ‘Jundullah’ is also active to spoil relations of Pakistan with China and Iran. India and Israel with tacit support of US have jointly supported Baloch rebel leaders for storming terrorism in Pakistan and to declare the Pashtun region as Al-Qaida dominated area.

The recent reports by Washington Post, spitefully suggesting that the US is likely to extend its drone attacks into Quetta is apparently part of the surreptitious propaganda and needs to be refuted strongly. The Government of Pakistan is doing its best to uplift the quality of life of the average Baluch; however this needs to be told so that the nefarious propaganda against the State is met head on. For this the government machinery, its spin doctors and the media need to join forces – DailyMailNews