Taliban’s hidden face behind terrorism

TERRORISM is being exported to Pakistan from Afghanistan. About 50,000 individuals cross over to Pakistan illegally, per day, through the porous border, also known as the Durand Line. Many amongst them are terrorists. Since all Afghans look alike and the security on the side of Afghanistan is lax, a number of terrorists slip through with innocent Pashtun, regressing from Afghanistan into Pakistan. Some of these are hard core terror mongers, who have been recruited, trained and launched by the enemies of Pakistan to create shock and awe in Pakistan and destabilize the country.Pakistan’s limitations can be gauged by incorporating the statement of US Special Envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke who acceded that terrorists are being funded by sources outside Pakistan. This funding needs to be stopped.

It would not take a rocket scientist to guess who is funding these terrorists. Besides Richard Holbrooke, a number of US think tanks have come to the same conclusion that India is abetting, training and arming the terrorists besides funding them. Renowned US analyst Lisa Curtis has gone to the extent of writing in Foreign Policy magazine that the overstaffed Indian Consulates in Afghanistan, which far outnumber those located in the USA, are definitely not involved in issuing Indian passports and visas, they are engaged in destabilizing Pakistan. The world needs to take cognizance of the fact that Pakistan is doubly handicapped, one that the US is pressurizing Pakistan to do more despite Pakistan’s severe losses in life and property owing to terror attacks, and the Indian spy agency RAW, which is burning the midnight oil in trying to wreak havoc on ordinary Pakistanis, the Army and other members of the security agencies through their surrogates, the harbingers of doom and gloom. To rub salt in the wound, the US is sponsoring India to get a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, besides propping it up to become a world power.Pakistan Armed Forces are continuously at war with terrorists in FATA and are inflicting heavy losses on them. Pakistan has sacrificed too many precious lives of its soldiers and civilians. The war against terror has taken a heavy toll of the Pakistan Army. On one hand, the Army personnel are being incessantly targeted by the miscreants, while in the actual operations; Pakistan Army officers are leading from the front and have sacrificed tremendously. The ratio of officers and soldiers embracing shahadat is the highest in these operations.

Yet the Army has neither flinched from conducting the daring operations, not refraining from making the supreme sacrifice of their lives.Amongst all this the true face of Taliban has been exposed by their attacks on mosques, shrines and schools. No true believer would even contemplate an attack on mosques, while the devout were at prayer, or demolish the final resting place of the saints, which are thronged by the faithful Schools and hospitals are also taboos for attack by terrorists. They say there is honour even among thieves, yet the Taliban are actually following an anti-Islamic agenda and hurting Islam, assailing where women, children and old men congregate, thus causing maximum loss of lives. Surely they must be out of the fold of Islam to indulge in such barbarism.The dust of confusion kicked up by the anti-state elements maligning Pakistan Security agencies for supporting Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omer as part of unfounded propaganda must be cleared. It is the most malicious propaganda which is not only baseless but borders on paranoia and must be refuted vehemently. The silver lining in this cloud of gloom and moment of trial and tribulation is that the local population is whole heartedly supporting law enforcing agencies in their fight against Taliban. Locals are averse of them and Taliban can never regain foot-hold in Swat and South Waziristan. Thus with the support of the people, the terrorists will be defeated and eliminated – Dailymailnews