Exposé of Gandhi-Obama’s role model

THE Daily Mail, in its editorial of November 05, titled: ‘Battered Obama heads on Asian tour’ had predicted that the Indians would roll out the red carpet to Obama and ask for the moon from him because after receiving a drubbing at the US Midterm elections 2010, the US President would be more malleable. A weakened Obama, concentrating more on foreign policy accomplishments to stave defeat at the Presidential elections in 2012 and in an effort to make massive defence sales to India, secure more jobs for the unemployed US citizens and capture the Indian economy has signed on the dotted line on every Indian proposal, including endorsement for a permanent UN Security Council seat for India. The latter would not take place in the near future since it necessitates UN reforms.
President Obama visited India’s founding father Karamchand Mohandas Gandhi’s mausoleum and praying rich tributes to Gandhi during his Lok Sabha speech, he mentioned that Gandhi was his role model and his philosophy of “non-violence” was appreciated and followed by Dr. Martin Luther King too, who had visited India and been inspired by Gandhian principles. It is a matter of concern that like many others before him, Obama has also been duped into believing the “greatness” of Gandhi. The Daily Mail presents an exposé of Gandhi gleaned and compiled from the works of Dr. G. B. Singh, Dr. Watson, and Mr. Mohandas Gandhi, his two grandsons –Arun Gandhi and Rajmohan Gandhi, quotes from Sarojini Naidu, records from South Africa, Mr. Subhash Chandra Bose and Time Magazine, a seminal critique of Mr. Gandhi authored by Erik Erikson titled “Gandhi’s Truth”, and finally reports of the Nobel Peace Committee and the records of the US Congress.The sad fact is that generation after generation of Indians has been fed on the myth that Gandhi was a saint and the founder of Bharat and a propagator of non violence. One only has to refer to the sources above to discover that Gandhi was actually a fraud and the international opinion too somehow, fed on lies has come to accept Gandhi as great reformer. The truth is that during his stay in South Africa, Gandhi actually endorsed a British war to suppress the movement by Black Africans to gain their freedom and actually served as a Sergeant Major in the British Army, suppressing the freedom fighters. Resultantly, South Africans won’t even tolerate his statue in Durban.

There were huge riots in South Africa against him and his fake non-violence. His salt march and decision to leave South Africa are non events. Gandhi’s racism is obvious from his friendly overtures to Hitler, showering praise on him and asking all Jews to commit mass suicide. The Jewish Defence League, Anti Defamation League, Israel and the Jewish world abhors Gandhi. The 109th Congress of the United States of American condemned him for his racism. India tried to promote Gandhi for the Nobel Peace Prize but the Nobel Peace Prize Committee Committee criticized him for his war mongering, and requesting the Government of India to wage war on Pakistan at the accession of Kashmir. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee produced the telegram sent by Gandhi as proof his being a perpetrator of violence and dumped his name from the list of nominations. Gandhi’s sex exploits, his pedophilia and moral turpitude have been commented on as well as endorsed by various authorities, including his grandsons. Gandhi reportedly had an affair with Subhash Chandra Bose’s wife and in collaboration with Nehru, he had one of the most important leaders of Independence assassinated.

Not only that 29000 members of the Indian National Army were murdered in cold blood—these were the sons who were fighting for independence and were a significant factor in the British decision to leave. Gandhi and Nehru too fell out and hated each other, a fact transcribed by Jaswant Singh in his book. Gandhi’s indulgence in incest, drinking his own urine and frequent daily enemas, has all been recorded by authentic sources including his own family. His cruelty towards his own wife, Kasturba Gandhi and her ultimate death owing to lack of medication depict the cruelty in his nature. His fits of rage and jealousy of the Quaid and asking Hindus to attack his person too are recorded history. By not giving the Dalits separate electorate, he kept them in slavery. He said that one would have to go over his dead body to abolish the caste system. That is why the 450 million Dalits and Lower Caste hate him so much. Renowned Hindu minority leader Dr. B. R. Ambedaker detested Gandhi for his duplicity and declaring the Dalits with the condescending and derogatory term of “Harijans”. Sarojini Naidu was very critical of Gandhi and stated that “we have to spend millions to keep Mr. Gandhi in poverty”, because a whole impoverished village and Ashram had to be created to depict Gandhi’s false poverty. Yet if Obama is so impressed by a fake and fraud, whom Churchill referred to as “Half Naked Fakir”, then it is a very sorry state of affairs and does not hold Mr. Obama in a high esteem – Dailymailtimes