Bangladesh avoids pitfall of falling in Afghan abyss

DESPITE the Indian efforts to force Bangladesh to send its troops to Afghanistan, Bangladesh has refused to fall in the trap. India had been machinating to involve Bangladeshi troops in Afghanistan. RAW had made plans to entice Bangladeshi authorities into committing its troops so that Pakistan could be held at bay and problems could be created for it. Initially some Bangladeshi senior officers visited Kabul and it appeared that Indian plan was working. However, Bangladesh has now made it clear that it will not send its troops to Afghanistan while refuting reports that the US had requested the country to contribute soldiers to the war-torn nation. The fact is that with the announcement of a dateline for the commencement of US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, there have been various plans being put forth to replace them so that they carry on the agenda of US and its allies. There are a number of contenders for the replacement of the US troops. India is very keen for the job, because it would be able to raise its esteem as it is pretending to become a world power and secondly that it would be able to execute its conspiracies against Pakistan. The Indian spy agency RAW has already established fourteen trade offices and Consulates near the Durand Line, bordering Pakistan. These Indian centers are cover units for RAW personnel. Different projects have been undertaken by the Indians which include construction of highways and other undertakings.

They provide a perfect camouflage for RAW operatives and recruits, who receive training for conducting terrorist activities in Pakistan. The Indian heinous plan is twofold. Special agents, who resemble the Al-Qaeda or Taliban, are launched into Swat, Malakand, FATA and the tribal regions. They mingle with the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and in some cases; genuine members of the TTP are bought over. Plots are hatched for conducting attacks on Pakistani military organizations, NATO convoys, market and business centers to destabilize Pakistan. Many successful attacks have been carried out in which a daring raid on Pakistan Army’s nerve center the General Head-Quarters was the worst. There have equally heinous attacks like the one in which numerous children of Army personnel and senior officers of the Army were massacred during Friday prayers at the Westridge Mosque in Rawalpindi.
Attacks in crowded shopping areas, hospitals and schools have also taken a heavy toll. The second prong of the RAW scheme is to recruit Balochis, instill in them hatred for Pakistan, train them in the training centers in Afghanistan, equip, arm and launch them into Balochistan to carry on their terrorist agenda. Ever since RAW operatives have become active, the so called Baloch liberations struggle has gained momentum. With the Indian agenda of including Bangladesh in its atrocious machinations, the specter of terrorism was to take a new turn. It is commendable that despite it being an Awami League government in place in Dhaka, Sheikh Hasina Wajid, the Bangladeshi Prime Minister has managed see through the Indian subterfuge and refused to act as a pawn in the hands of the Indian spymasters. The ploy of the Indians would have been to hide behind the cover the Bangladeshi troops and to entice them into conducting raids and other subversive activities against Pakistan.Bangladesh leadership has displayed pragmatism and for the safety of its troops and its good name, it has avoided the trap set for it by RAW to be enticed into a greater role in Afghanistan and be sucked in the quagmire from which international forces are now trying to wriggle out – dailynews