Worst Commonwealth Games

JOHN Barton, a journalist and sports director of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union, covering the Commonwealth Games (CWG) in New Delhi, says that “This is the worst games that I’ve ever been involved in terms of organization. Now, that’s very critical of the organizing committee of the Delhi Commonwealth Games, and the way in which they’ve approached this. The decision some years ago to appoint, basically, government officials, and friends of government officials, to run the games was a major mistake. We do not see here in Delhi the wonderful dynamism of the young entrepreneurs and the young Indians who are driving the local economy. What we are seeing is a lumbering bureaucracy which has almost dragged the event down to the bottom line where there were days that we feared that we might not get a broadcast to air. In fact, at some hours the broadcasts hung by a thread. And so, very, very hard, very tough, and simply due to very poor organization.”

The problems that have beset the CWG, emanated from massive corruption to pitiable administration and gross mismanagement. After the disclosure of colossal fraud, leaking roofs and collapsing pedestrian bridges, influx of mosquitoes and cobra snakes at the CWG accommodations at the athlete’s village, which threatened boycott by the participants, India was faced with the worst public image disaster in decades.

Indian illusions of grandeur and competing with China were shattered. One of the biggest problems that the broadcasters are facing is shortage of food since they have not been looked after. John Barton says that at the CWG, they have 2,000 broadcasters in the International Broadcast Center, and there’s no food, and there hasn’t been any food since they arrived two weeks ago. With 4,000 people working 12, 15, 18 hour days who can’t be fed at a venue, and can’t be fed at the International Broadcast Center, it is an absolute shame and totally disastrous. The broadcasters are the ones who would have given proper coverage to the CWG, but they have been irked by the shabby treatment. Resultantly, even the spectators have kept away from the venue, totally blacking out the event.

The Daily Mail’s exposé of the novel way India is trying to resolve its image problem is abhorrent. It is reminiscent of the way India tried to resolve the morale problem of its troops on the frontline by recruiting prostitutes and putting them in uniform. The moral turpitude of the Indians knows no bounds. Indian CWG organizers have decided to make an influx of prostitutes and sex workers to entertain the athletes and officials. The sex plan is so elaborate that prostitutes have been transported from various cities to provide a distraction from the shabby and shoddy management. Most of the prostitutes are of A-Class and have been especially briefed and coached in various techniques to keep the minds of the athletes away from the poor conditions. Sex trade has been one of India’s fortes as the Indian movies and the influx of Indian sex workers in various world capitals is strong evidence of how India uses sex as a weapon. Chanakya too had propagated the use of “kaniyas” (Damsels) as a weapon to entice the enemy and strike when his guard was down. This had taken the extreme Chanakyan machination to a level where “Bish Kaniyas” were used. These were young women, who had been gradually fed on poison, to the extent that indulging in sex with them would instantly kill the mate. Modern Indian planners have taken the sex trade to a few notches higher. Such despicable practices must be shunned and India must be exposed for what a third rate nation it is which indulges in malpractices of the worst kind – Dailymailnews