Capitulating again?

ONE strong move by Pakistan, the closure of one of NATO’s supply routes, in response to NATO’s military attacks managed to put NATO on the back foot. But a lot more needed to be done to convey to the US and NATO that they could not target Pakistani territory and its people at will. The drone apologists in the government of Pakistan, civil and military, were also finding themselves isolated and this was the time for Pakistan to reassess its whole cooperation with the US in terms of the so-called war on terror.
Unfortunately, what the Pakistani nation is seeing is yet another capitulation before NATO and US pressure with our diplomat in Washington already declaring that the supply route closure was merely temporary and NATO would have a free hand once again! How can Pakistan give this assurance without first seeing the results of the joint investigations on the issue and also without first negotiating revised terms and conditions?
Of course, NATO has declared that it is thinking of stopping sending its supplies through Pakistan. This would be a most welcome move by NATO for the Pakistanis who are suffering not just security-wise from these supplies – which are attractive targets for militants – but also its road infrastructure has been destroyed by the heavy NATO traffic traversing these routes. We also know that smuggling has been given a boost as a direct result of the NATO containers not being subject to proper scrutiny by Pakistani authorities. And from all accounts NATO is barely being charged anything at all. So one hopes NATO will move to another supply route sooner rather than later – but so far it has been unable to find such an attractive and low cost route into Afghanistan despite seeking the Central Asian option for some time now. – Nation