A vibrant struggle

As international opinion begins to raise the fundamental question of the Kashmir dispute’s solution, stimulated by the local people’s dauntless and resolute advocacy of their cause of freedom from India, Foreign Minister Krishna falls back on New Delhi’s standard post-9/11 line, pointing a finger at Islamabad for the turmoil in the Valley. While in the past, the Indian propagandists had been able to carry the world with them about their security forces’ atrocities in Occupied Kashmir, and Pakistan faced the ire for the false assumption of “cross-border terrorism”, the sacrifices being made by the Kashmiri youth now cannot possibly keep them blind to the reality.

Hence, the voices of alarm coming from places that had earlier tried to ignore the issue not only by glossing over the human rights violations India was committing there, but also by disregarding the existence of UN resolutions on Kashmiris’ right to self-determination.

The pity was that even the Pakistani ruling leadership had come to soft-pedal the nature of the dispute, not appreciating the Kashmiris’ strong urge against Indian Occupation and their own people’s outrage at their insensitivity. The Kashmiri youth’s sacrifices – more than 100 have lost their lives while peacefully protesting against Indian rule – has reawakened Islamabad to clearly demand a solution “in accordance with the UNSC resolutions,” as Foreign Minister Qureshi told the UN General Assembly.

Mr Krishna’s harangue telling Pakistan to ‘forget about Kashmir, worry about its survival, elections are plebiscite’ and a host of other illogicalities only betray India’s desperate attempt at deceiving the world community.

President Obama, who had forgotten Candidate Obama’s belief in a solution of Kashmir in line with the wishes of the people was key to peace in the region, is reportedly thinking of giving, during his visit soon to India, the lure of a UN Security Council permanent seat if India resolves the issue. He should know that Kashmiris birthright cannot be held hostage to any concession to India. He should have the moral courage to stand up for what he thinks is right and not make it contingent on any other condition, and review the favours the US is showering over India, in case it demurs.

The UNHCR’s report, under preparation, is also going to highlight the human rights abuses that Indian forces are freely committing on the defenceless Kashmiris. Secretary General Ban, who under pressure from New Delhi had earlier backed down from criticising them on their brutalities, has also seemed to have realised the gravity of the situation. He should follow up; compel the Indian leadership to honour their commitment made in the UN resolutions and to the people themselves; and hold the plebiscite these resolutions envisage – Nation