Southern India Bus fire Kills Six

bus catches fire

Indian police said at least six people were burned to death and another 12 seriously injured when a bus caught fire in southern India.

Edicts issued by Indian maulanas leave Muslim Voters Confused

Edicts issued

Even before the parliamentary races began, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had announced its electoral strategy of uniting the Hindus and dividing the Muslims to win seats.

Delhi records high turnout in Elections

india elections 2014

The third leg of India’s nine-stage polls registered a high voter turnout in Delhi on Thursday while the southern state of Kerala, a comfort zone for mainstream communists, and some Maoist-dominated regions of Chhattis garh mocked what appears to have become a TV-contrived wave for the Hindu right in the polls so far.

India kicks off World’s Biggest Election

India kicks biggest election

Indians began voting in the world´s biggest election Monday which is set to sweep the Hindu nationalist opposition to power at a time of low growth, anger about corruption and warnings about religious unrest.

8.2 Magnitude Earthquake in Chile, tsunami Warning Issued

magnitude earthquake in Chile

Chile ‘s 8.2 magnitude earthquake in northern coastal areas, 5 people were killed and several injured when 2 meter waves hit the beach later in other countries , including Chile tsunami warning was issued. 

Indian Military Jet Crashes

India jet crash

An Indian military jet has crashed in the country’s central state of Madhya Pradesh killing all five crew members on board.

India Denies Visa to Tahirul Qadri

India denies visa to Tahirul Qadri

NEW DELHI: India on Saturday refused visa to Pakistan Awami Tehreek chief Tahirul Qadri. According to reports, the reason for this visa plea rejection has not been disclosed yet.

Train Fire Kills Nine Near Mumbai

Train Fire Kills

MUMBAI: At least nine people were killed in an Indian train fire early Wednesday, reports said, just a week after 26 were killed in a train inferno in southeast India.

4 Killed in Road Accident, as Dense Fog Engulfs Delhi

4 killed in road accident, as dense fog engulfs Delhi

NEW DELHI: At least 4 persons killed and 9 injured in a road accident due to dense fog on Yamuna Expressway.

Punjab CMs set Pakistan, India Agenda

Punjab CMs set Pakistan, India agenda

If India-Pakistan talks appear to have hit the doldrums, the chief ministers of Punjab provinces on both sides would have none of it. They issued instead a joint statement on Sunday that, in a limited sense, goes beyond the stymied ambitions of their national bureaucracies, possibly even their political masters.

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