Haram Items Being Openly Sold in Pakistani Markets

Sar e Aam team visited some of the major departmental stores on Tuesday together with the Commissioner Karachi and confiscated various items from there, which were being sold despite of being declared as ‘Haram’ – ARY News reports.

Sar e Aam
Sar e Aam reveals sale of ‘Haram’ items at different stores

According to details, various items which the Government had declared as Haram, were being sold openly at different departmental stores. Sar e Aam team along with the Commissioner Karachi raided some renowned departmental stores on Tuesday and confiscated the items, whose sale was prohibited. Officials confiscated all articles from these stores.

Earlier on May 4, the Government of Pakistan had informed concerned departments about 23 Haram items, while some major stores were still busy selling these goods, despite of clear directives by the Commissioner Karachi. ARY News will soon post this list of these prohibited items, for making the people aware. -hamariweb
Haram Items Being Openly Sold in Pakistani… by thetimesofpakistan