Fraud of Rs 1.7m Detected in Bar Account

Alleged embezzlement of about Rs1.7 million has been detected in the bank account of Bahawalpur High Court Bar Association (BHCBA). 

The BHCBA Executive Council at its meeting held here on Wednesday, presided over by its President Khair Muhammad Bhadera, took stock of the situation arising out of the alleged embezzlement.

Detected in Bar Account
Fraud of Rs 1.7m Detected in Bar Account

Bhadera told Dawn after the meeting that on the intervention of the executive committee Rs1.2 million of the allegedly embezzlement amount had been recovered from BHCBA Secretary Jam Sibghatullah and deposited to the association’s account. Furthermore, 10 days had been granted to the secretary to return the remaining Rs. 500,000. 

He said the secretary had allegedly tampered with amounts on three cheques he had issued and en cashed with his as well as the secretary’s joint signatures as allowed under the constitution. He said the executive committee would take legal action against the secretary after the remaining amount was recovered from him. He further added that he became suspicious after he sought a bank statement of the bar association’s account. According to Treasurer Chaudhry Sarwar, executive committee members demanded removal of the secretary in the meeting and impeachment over alleged fraud.