Khushhali bank supports women entrepreneurs

Khushhali bank
Khushhali bank supports women entrepreneurs

ISLAMABAD: Khushhali bank participated in the 3rd Islamabad Expo 2013 organized by Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, showing their untiring support and commitment to budding women entrepreneurs in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, Caretaker Federal Minister for Commerce and Textile Maqbool H Rahmatoola stressed on the need for increasing export of value-added items for the survival of the country.He said that the government is working on increasing exports while focusing on small and medium enterprises.He said that the business community lags behind in value addition, which is imperative to increase the economic value and consumer appeal of a product.

“Women must understand that value added product has more market value than raw commodity,” he said.The Exhibition aims to build linkages between the women of the various cities and between the rural and urban entrepreneurs, linking the women entrepreneurs with buyers from various areas.Providing exposure and promoting women’s manufactured products, as well as marketing opportunities to women to strengthen their financial positions.

Bringing their products are to concerned departments regarding government and various international agencies/ diplomats of foreign Mission present in Islamabad.Ghalib Nishtar, President Khushhali bank said, “The Exhibition is fast becoming recognized as a great opportunity for the promotion of women businesses to national and international community. – Brecorder